Rafael Nadal has agreed to be a Kia’s global brand ambassador until 2015.

Before getting fully concentrated to the Open Tennis Series in Madrid, Rafael Nadal went through the offices of Kia Motors Iberia for delivery the new Kia Picanto to the winner of “Send a SMS is send help” from Rafa Nadal Foundation. At the event, Nadal and Kia announced agreed to be a Kia’s global brand ambassador until 2015.

Rafa Nadal has presided over the ceremony for the Kia Picanto to Marisa Alonso, winner of “Send a SMS is send help”. With this campaign, Kia intended to raise funds to help the nonprofit organization, Special Olympics, an international movement that works to promote the integration of persons with intellectual disability through sport.

The event was also attended by Kevin Kim, president of Kia Motors Iberia, and Raoul Picello, CEO of the company. The latter was commissioned to announce that the player has signed an agreement to remain brand image for the next four years. Kia also has renewed its collaboration with Rafa Nadal Foundation.

Source: [Kia]

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