Kia Two-seat Roadster in the works?

Kia Motors America hosted the May 10 MPG (Motor Press Guild) luncheon at its headquarters in Irvine with the presence of Kia’s VP of Marketing, Michael Sprague gave a brand update, discussing the company’s complete design-led transformation and give a sneak preview of future marketing plans; with some cool concepts to check out in the room. Kia’s VP of sales, Tom Loveless will discuss sales achievements, including the brand’s tremendous recent sales records.

On the first picture above tweeted from the meeting by’s Mike Levine, show us a sketch of two-seat roadster convertible as Kia halo model car. judging by the picture it seems to be the concept model Kia KCV III released back in 2003.

This is the car all Kia fans were waiting for, a true competition for the Hyundai Genesis coupe. We dont have much information about this model but we’ll be alert for more news regarding this concept been true.

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  3. Bangers and Mash

    Looks too much like the previous generation Alfa GTV/Spider, with a hint of Micra CC. Much prefer the look of the yellow one doing the rounds, although I understand that’s a lightly photoshopped Pontiac Solstice.

    They would be better putting out a pert, clean convertible, with small, efficient engines.

  4. Erick Uceda

    Indeed, This look similar to the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. And i still rather the Kia Kee, hopefully they will release that one instead of this one.