The Korean Car Blog Sponsors the 2017 Veloster Challenge

veloster challenge

The Korean Car Blog is proud to announce its support of the 2017 Veloster Challenge.

We look forward to showing everyone not only how fast and competitive Korean cars can be on the racetrack but also how much fun going to the track can be. We will be following the series this year and report the standings, close calls, and highlights of each round.

The current schedule:

  • April 1st at Willow Springs International Raceway
  • May 13th at Streets of Willow
  • June 24th at Laguna Seca Raceway
  • October 14th at Buttonwillow Raceway
  • Season finally at Chuckwalla on November 18th

We will keep everyone up to date on changes from new contenders to specs of each car. Let us know what you would like to know about each round!

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