Kia K9 Test Mule Car Spied in South Korea

Well, so today we have just received this spy pictures from South Korea where a Kia K9 (also known as K900 in overseas markets) test mule was spotted out there in the wild in highway.

Looking at the pictures, this K9 looks like a regular K9, but has not Kia logos on it and is wearing the classic white registration plate with the 2 red stripes crossing that confirms that this is a manufacturer test car.

It is already the second time we have seen a Kia K9 test mule car, (check the first time here) after the launch of the model at the New York Motorshow on March.

Is Kia working on an Hybrid K900? What new things could this K9 bring to the market?

Stay tuned for more details soon! Place your bets!

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