And the winner is….

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Well the day has come and we are going to pick the winner of one of the Die cast models. Jose and I thought the way of doing it and this is how we did it.

Now we enumerated all the comments you guys did on the article and with that we decided to choose not the first pick number but the third, just to add more suspense on our side, and after the little game the winner is….

Amz Arwan Soethiono!!!

We took the liberty of uploading your picture from your facebook account, hope you dont mind, so we’ll get in contact with you soon  for further details.

Again, i would like to thank all our followers and readers for participating in this fun little giveaway prize we decided to do, this is a way for us to thank everyone who have follow us for the past years reading, commenting and sharing our articles, this is the first of many more giveaway prizes so stay tuned for more in the near future.

Written by Erick Uceda

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