Interview: Cesar Baez – 2013 Kia Cerato Forte from Paraguay

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This is one of my favorites Kia cars. I always loved lowered sedans with nice wheels so I had do an interview of this amazing Kia Cerato Forte. When I found Cesar’s Cerato I knew this one is the one. One of things it amazed me it was how quick this car was modify and done what a lot of people take some months or even years to do. Now lets get this interview rolling!

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1. Welcome to The Korean Car Blog, tell us who you are and where you from?

My name is Cesar Baez and I’m from Paraguay. I have a girlfriend and we been together for 5 years, and we also have a 3 year old son.

2. How many cars have you owned and which are they?

So far they are 3 cars. My first car was actually a truck, it was a Hilux 2.5 diesel. Later then I bought the 2010 Kia Rio and after that my Cerato.

3. Were they modified?

On my truck I really didn’t do much since it was more my commuter but I did installed a sub woofer to bring joy to the truck.

I actually consider my Kia Rio was my first modified toy. It went thru a lot of transformations and many different wheels but my main project was adding air suspension. It had to be custom made since we all know our cars don’t have anything fabricated and finding parts the Kia in Paraguay its even harder.

4. When was the first time you heard or seen the Korean brand?

I really get to know the brand better with my Kia Rio, it definitely was a little nice car back in 2010 but the brand itself started to get more attention in the year of 2008.

5. What attracted you to Kia?

In Paraguay we see a lot of Japanese cars and they pretty much rules the scene herr, but what i wanted was a car that is inexpensive and feel safe in it, also I’ll not have problem later down the road. With that on mind, a lot of people advice me to go for a Kia.

6. What mods can be found on your Forte.

I just upgraded my Cerato with 19″ inch BMW M wheels, air suspension system, two subs from pioneer, a front lip, customized front grille and leather seats.[ads id=”2″ style=”float:left;padding:20px;”]

7. Since you have now modded your Kia, what potential you see in it now?

As I mention before, here is Paraguay the Japanese car scene is bigger than any other, but with my personal touch this forte is standing out a lot and its actually working because I get a lot of compliments.

8. Tell us why you picked the new Cerato Forte?

When I bought my Rio, my girlfriend was pregnant so it was a great started. Now I since doing better economically I decided to buy the New Cerato. I always wanted this model, when I first saw it on the internet, it did not convince me, but comparing to the last model, it was fuller.

9. Back in the 90’s Kia Motors bought the license from Lotus to manufacture the model Elan, the first sports car from Kia. Now Kia is stepping up and bringing more sports concept models. What is your ideal concept car you want to see from Kia hit production? 

I love the GT4 Stinger, I hope someday turn it into a production model, I want to buy it! 

10. Are you part of a car club?

Yes, we have a car club, its called Streetpy Paraguay, that includes a variety of brands, such as Kia, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Suzuki, etc…


11. Do you usually work on your Cerato Forte by yourself or someone else helps you?

I like to work in my car on Sundays, doing small changes at a time. One thing i needed help with was onthe suspension kit, so I asked help with a trusted mechanic that lives in my city..

12. What are the future plans for your Cerato Forte?

I want to cut the appearance ups and spend some money and time on engine . I’ll like to acquire and upgraded to 1.6 T-GDi engine, from some used Cerato Forte.

13. If Hyundai would been your next option for a Korean car, which model would you bought and why?

I love the Hyundai Sonata, I don’t know a lot about this model, but I like the design.

14. And now we come to the end of the interview, any final words before we wrap the interview.

I want to thanks to everybody that always support me, my girlfriend, that never gave me problems with the time my car take from us, my friends from Streetpy, that always encourage me to keep going. I love my car and i think that if you really like yours, you adapt your life to your car, not your car to your life.

This is my first interview and I feel maybe a little short to expressing myself the way I would like to, but I hope that people who spend their time reading this like it.

And we are done! Thank you Cesar for the opportunity of showing your new Cerato and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on your car for new updates.

Also I would like to thank the photographer Dario Ruttia for all those exclusive pictures of Cesar’s Cerato, they look great! And be sure to check his Facebook page.

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