2016 Kia Sportage Officially Rendered [Updated]

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2016 kia sportage undisguised

Updated with first in the wild picture courtersy of Jimbo

Updated again with new in the wild pictures from South Korea

Update 3 : More pictures including the interior.

Kia Motors will reveal its all-new Kia Sportage for the first time globally on 15 September at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Entering its fourth-generation, the all-new Sportage features a bold, progressive design, which exudes power and agility from every angle. The dynamic compact SUV styling creates visual harmony out of the tension between bold, precise feature lines and dramatically-sculptured bodywork.

Inside, the all-new Sportage marries simple, modern style with rich material quality for Kia’s most refined, highest-quality cabin to date.

With the design of the new model led by the brand’s European design centre – located in Frankfurt – the all-new Sportage represents the future face of Kia.

Inside, the 2016 Kia Sportage, will have an identical steering wheel compared to the All-New Optima, while the car is using a big centered dashboard, with a 8 inch Infinity infotainment system heading the dashboard.

The dashboard design in the 2016 Kia Sportage is very similar to the latest Sorento & Sedona (the air vents looks closer to the Sorento, but at this time the screen hasn’t have that floating effect), and are inserted into the dashboard like in the latest generation Sedona.

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  1. Jimbo

    So the bonnet is flat and without bumps. Shame.

  2. Denis Rousseau

    back then in 2010 this is the same pictures as pre-launch 2010!

    • ch2856

      How it’s even possible when on the left your have the new santa fe which came only on 2012?

  3. Kialover

    Hallo dear friends,

    To me the design is very well done. I knew that KIA wouldt risk to bring out the KX3 design to europe where taste is more different than in China. KIa knows how to build nice cars these days. At least to me they are fantastic.


    • Denis Rousseau

      it dont look like the rendering at all!

      • Jimbo

        It’s almost identical to the rendering published by 3D SQUIR a few weeks ago. They pulled it off their website. But if you just Google “Sportage rendering”, you’ll see its spot on.

        The red one is a KIA’s official concept drawing as a teaser before the official reveal in Frankfurt. Its not a technical drawing with exact proportions and shapes. They did something similar with the new Optima and Sorento and published their concept drawings a few weeks before the reveal. Hyundai also did this with Tucson.

  4. Kialover

    Look at the massive stripe under and over the KIA emblem. Its awesome. And now a nice front and KIA has finally reached premium look. Oh oh german and european carmaker, be aware of the upcoming KIA attack.


  5. chuckbilodeau


  6. Jimbo

    Wow. Already?

    Has bumps on the bonnet too. Nice. Wonder if they will have a red leather seat option like the Tucson. Spy shots so far only show black and beige options. Red seats and silver/white look awesome.

  7. Jimbo

    And there is also a short video: https://youtu.be/iV5-r0fjvNM (can’t really tell if it’s silver or pearl white)

    Looks like a planned leak. I really doubt that they would allow the non-camouflaged car out on public roads by mistake.

    • Tiger Urrete

      I think this strategy is similar to what they did with the Sonata LF before.

  8. Jimbo

    The cat is out of the bag: http://imgur.com/a/0UsuO (7 new photos)

    That black trim around the chrome grill is the only difference I picked up compared to the SQUIR render. I wonder if those guys had an inside source and that’s why they quickly removed it after KIA contacted them.

  9. Tiger Urrete

    I love that gigantic tiger nose aircraft wing grille!

    • Jtzist .

      Isn’t that nice!!! That is one hell of a design!!! The entire truck. It looks like it could be a Lexus NX rival.

  10. Kialover

    Today i declare KIA officially to premium class. Finally KIA has created a very nice front and the rest is top too. Im not into the Sportage but this model is the beginning of something big. Now KIA has officially take over premium class from Mercedes , Audi and so on. Look at the amazing interior quality and tell me another brand delivering this for that price. 2018 , at the latest, KIA will take over the market with all models and the f…g competitors wont act. Im sure of that more than ever today. A dream comes true.

    Greetings from the Turk to all KIA fans in the world.

    • Galaxium

      This CUV isn’t going to “take over” the premium market.

    • Ainnem Agon

      Kia is delivering an excellent interior with an excellent power train. And the best design.

      Kia >>> rest

      • Kialover

        It seems that you got good taste too. Gratulations for that.

  11. Denis Rousseau

    Ugly as the chinease Kia KX3
    BUT ugly CUV sells well!
    A wasted Porsches Macan look alike!
    Peter Shereyer droped this one!

    • bd

      Wouldn’t go that far – the KX3 is way uglier up front.

      At least the rear of the new Sportage is very handsome.

  12. Stan

    I think its okay but the design didn’t transfer well. I think if it was based off the Optima platform instead of the Forte it would look better. But unfortunately it takes on the Puffer fish look in the front much like the last generation Hyundai Tucson. I believe the new 2016 Tucson is better styled inside and out but if this new Kia Sportage offers the 2.0T as an engine choice it will again be the better choice of the two.

  13. Robert Andrews

    I think they are spoiling one of the best-looking cars on the road.
    That grill… those lights… that bonnet… hideous.
    Sportage may have lost its mean profile



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