Next gen Kia Picanto Spotted again

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The Kia Picanto made an apparence showing off its new generation, we might talking the 2017 model since we recently saw a quick refresh in 2015 right after the 2013 facelift.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]The Hyundai i10 cousin has some new updated changes on the front, besides the projector we see some very stylish LED DRL lights giving a really nice aggresive touch on the front. The fog lights seems to have the same room as before but this time appears to have a vent on the top and the fog light at the bottom, this might improve on the aerodynamics of the car much like Kia’s new models.

On the side we notice an small change at the passenger doors, were before the third small window used to have a flat bottom we now see a small curve upwards. Besides that small change on the design, it appaears to be everything the same.

At the back we cant see very much either but just like the front we can notice the LED with a new design compare to the previous model.

This is the hatchback model of the Picanto and we are waiting to hear about the popular 3 door version but out spy havent haunt one yet.

Stay tuned for more details and new pictures of the Kia Picanto.



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