2017 Kia Soul facelift spotted

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One of the Hamsters is caught with some slight changes for its facelift and today we have the Kia Soul thanks to S. Baldauf from SB-Medien. What changes are we gonna find? well lets find out.

This 2nd generation of the Hamster has improve not only in style but also on sales, from the 1st generation facelift their sales were on 115,778 units in 2012 and 118,079 units in 2013 but when the 2nd generation came their sales increase to 145,316 units in 2014 and 147,133 units in 2015. Judging for their sales we know Kia is doing something right and the customers knows it.

Most facelift tend to be very subtle for changes in the models and for the Soul, its no exception. The exterior seems to have small changes, like the front seems to have 2 smaller grills compare to the previous big trapezoide on the bottom. The Fog ligths also seems to be a little bit higher than the previous. We dont see much difference from the sides, its even using the same design of wheels.

The back of the Soul is no exception either, there might some change on the lower brake reflector but other than that the tailights seems to having the same design and the trunk space seems to be the same too. Unfortunately we are not able to see the inside to check any changes on the interior but hopefully soon we’ll find more pictures. One thing is for sure, the Soul is a great grocery getter still since those testers made a good use of the trunk space.

One thing we are still waiting is for the new engine, or we should say upgraded engine. We know the 1.6L Turbo is due for the Soul and its only matter of time we see this engine on some spy pictures.

We’ll keep an eye on any future pictures of the Soul, stay tuned!


Written by Erick Uceda

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  1. Ryan McCluskey

    Are those new roof rails too?

  2. Tracy McKelly

    It looks better in the right places. We bought a Soul for our daughter when she went to college, and she loves it! It has been a great little car for her.


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