Genesis G80 Sport Made An Apparence at Busan Motorshow

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Hyundai wasn’t the only one suprising us with a never seen before car, Genesis Motor manage to do the same with something we were not expecting.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Genesis Motors brought 3 models at the Busan Motorshow to display their lineup, one of them was the New York Concept shown at the New York International Autoshow, the second was the refreshed Hyundai Genesis sedan, now know as the Genesis G80, showing us the new changes done plus a mysterious model G80 Sport, which caught us by surprise. Intially we thought this could be a new Hybrid model, since they said Genesis will also carry hybrid models in their lineup.

Now lets talk about the G80 Sport, this seems to be the same move Hyundai did for the Elantra Sport and soon from Kia with the Forte Sport, picking up their sedan models and upgrading them with a turbo and some changes on the exterior. So let’s talk about the exterior, the first thing will be obvious, and that is the front end of this new model. We can see the same shape of grill but this time with honeycombs with an additional grill at the bottom and bigger fog lights vents but with this models the fog lights are gone giving a much bigger room for a larger honeycomb grill compared to the sedan model that has the same led fog lights from the tucson. Still has the same G80 feeling but with the extra sporty look, now that’s not the only thing they have done.

It can’t be just look and they made sure to add the new powertrain a lot of people were asking, that is the 3.3 twin-turbo engine G80 sport has the 3.3L GDi Twin turbo with 370Horsepower and 52kgf.m of torque, plus some improvements in gasoline efficiency. Also the G80 will have some other powertrains, that includes the 3.8 N/A and 2 Diesel engine, the 2.2 and 3.0.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Also the interior has some new design changes, starting the G80 there will be a new cluster design, Gear Knob, speaker grill, analog watch, new Advanced smart cruise control, Genesis Smart Sense(Autonomous Drive), highway drive assist and lane keeping assistance. Now the Sport model was all closed but Genesis representative mentioned that the G80 Sport will include Sport seats, 3 Spoke steering wheel and a Sound Generator.

Now what about their services ( for Korean customers only) they guaranteed 5 yrs/100,000 KM, 3 years home to home customer Care Sevice for free and And using Bluelink Service 3years for free.

Now when can we expect this to be on show rooms, well they will launch the G80 Sport model by fourth quater this year.

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  1. Denis Rousseau

    G80 sport? what the heck! it is way too big and heavy to be a bit sporty just for the look but dont get it, still the hyundai way, this is not a Rhys Millen version!
    and who is the genius for the “sound generator” WTF… put the Tau V8 and no restriction exhaust is the better Sound Generator than any speakers and sound module you can find!

    Genesis is deceiving me at all in this car.
    Hope it will be destroyed and recycled after the show!

  2. Luke

    The thing that really discourages me is the inclusion of a “sound generator”. Hyundai (or Genesis…whatever) need to focus on making their sporty models genuinely sporty, not just toss on a bunch of knick-knacks that’ll fool people who don’t know any better. I understand them not including the high-power version of the twin-turbo V6–presumably a ~500 version will be saved for the G80 N–but they’ve got to take good driving dynamics seriously, and not hope they can squeeze half-efforts past people.


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