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Spyshot: Hyundai i30 Fastback with heavy camouflage


Hyundai i30 fastback

Hyundai i30 fastback , finally the another model of the i30 line up was found in motherland parked in a underground parking lot, thanks to our friends from motorgraph.com

At the i30 world debut in Paris Motorshow, Hyundai showed us 3 models they were planning to make from the i30 model. Even after the heavy camouflage this model is wrapped up, we can tell some cue design elements.

the front has a lot of similar elements compare to the regular i30. The Hyundai i30 fastback headlights have the same 3 placements for low, high beam and the turn signal. On the grill we still find the big Hyundai logo on the middle and on the sides we see there are 2 big holes on the camouflage, which we assume its for the sensors. Down at the bottom we can also see the same design for the Daytime Running Lights and next to them, on the outter side, you’ll find the fog ligths.

Hyundai i30 fastback

On the back we can clearly see the big glass for the fastback and right on the top we also see the big panoramic sunroof. The taillights seems to also remain with the same design as the i30 model, but compare to its Elantra GT model it only has one exhaust pipe. Interior wise there is not much too see but we can tell the seats are similar to the i30 model.

As far as engine, we can expect the same engine as the i30 for the european market, the new 1.4L turbocharged with the six-speed manual transmission or the seven-speed DCT transmission. Then the 1.0L turbocharged with the six-speed manual transmission. For those diesel lovers, it’ll have the 1.6L with the six-speed manual transmission.

We’ll keep you posted with more details.

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