Kia Compares 2019 Forte & Aventador on a Funny Ad

by Jan 17, 2018All News

kia forte vs aventador

The 2019 Forte has recently showcased at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit a few days ago, and the South Korean carmaker had big ambitions with it, here’s a proof.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:6px;”]Kia Motors America’s All-New Forte funny video is a comparison between Forte & Aventador practicality. As you can guess, you’re sure which car is better in that part. Also, the price is another difficult barrier, the Forte will cost approximately $400,000 less than the Lambo.

On the video, the Forte and the Aventador are compared in different situations, like the number of doors or how can open it, an electrically operated trunk where you can leave whatever, a new tablet type touchscreen while Lamborghini’s are not tactile, easy to carry with 5 people, etc…

At the end, Kia were also honest by mentioning the “Lamborghini does go a little faster, if you know, you’re into that whole speed thing.”

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.

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