Hyundai Full Size SUV Coming Soon

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Hyundai Motors unveiled the fourth generation of the Santa Fe but gave us an additional information.

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Hyundai announced Santa Fe new name and also confirming North America first diesel engine for the 7 seater option, but at the same time told us about a new model.

They mentioned we can expected a new 8 seater vehicle, making a comeback to a full size SUV completing their SUV line up models.

A full size SUV came to North America in the year 2007 and it was named Veracruz, initially was based on the Santa Fe model with the option of 7 seats. The Veracruz was later discontinued in 2011 with the exception of South Korea but a year later was completely discontinued and replaced by the 2013 Santa Fe 7 seater.

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If you were following our news, you might be aware of this SUV model that was caught in some spy shots, we also even caught multiple pictures of this model interior. Though we never got confirmation it was coming to North America until now.

We don’t know what it’ll be call just yet, but following Hyundai’s pattern of the SUV names like Veracruz from the city in Mexico and Santa Fe from the city in the state of New Mexico and Tucson from the city in the state of Arizona, there might be a chance we’ll see another name to follow the western theme.

The market for SUV still out there and Hyundai has finally decided to bring an 8 seater SUV but with a luxury and futuristic interior. Would you be in the market for one?

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