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Hyundai Grandeur Facelift Officially Revealed in South Korea


On Tuesday, Hyundai Motor held a launch event at the Ilsan Light Floor Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, and began selling the New Granger. The New Granger is the facelift model of the 6th generation Grandeur, which will be launched three years after its launch in November 2016.

The New Granger has achieved a new class of change through future-oriented design and the application of high-tech gentlemen. Although the New Grandeur is a facelift model, the wheelbase has been increased by 40mm and 10mm wider than the previous one, securing the highest level of space in its class.

The exterior features a front-facing design that incorporates a ‘parametric jewel’ radiator grille, LED headlamps, and hidden lighting daytime running lights (DRL). The interior is completed with a high-level lounge sensibility through a horizontal design, and the hi-tech impression is further enhanced by the infotainment system with a new Graphic-User-Interface (Graphic and User Interface).

The New Granger is equipped with high-tech conveniences, including a new air conditioning system, a second-generation smart attitude control system, and a new vehicle, which was first applied by Hyundai Motor, including Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist-Junction Turning (FCA-JT) technology. And a large number of safety specifications.

The air cleaning system monitors indoor air quality in real time and keeps the air clean, while the second-generation smart attitude control system relieves the spine fatigue of the driver over long periods of time. The FCA-JT prevents the risk of collision with oncoming vehicles when you turn left at the intersection. The New Granger has received 32,179 pre-contracts for 11 business days from Monday to April 18, reaching an unprecedented record in the history of domestic automobiles.

The overall length is 4,990mm, which is 60mm longer than before, enhancing the grand impression of the vehicle. The wheelbase (inter-shaft distance) and the full width are 40mm and 10mm, respectively, 2,885mm and 1,875mm, respectively, to secure more spacious and comfortable interior space. The exterior is reborn with an innovative design.

The parametric jewel-patterned radiator grille, LED headlamps and daytime running lights (DRL) are integrated into the front design to maximize future-oriented image. ‘Hidden lighting lamps’ applied as daytime running lights are part of the grille when the ignition is not turned on, but when the ignition is turned on, the lights are displayed on both sides of the front of the vehicle.

The side of the New Granger is a combination of rich volume and refined character lines, while the rear part, which inherits the existing design, has a wider, lower and more stable impression through a thinner and longer rear lamp.

The interior of The New Granger has been transformed into a living space that combines luxurious materials with high-tech technology. The spacious, long, horizontal design creates the impression of sitting in a luxury lounge, featuring an ergonomic floating electronic shift button (SBW), a premium leather center console, a 64-color ambient mood lamp and the first Hyundai car.

Equipped with touch type air conditioning controller to maximize luxury sensitivity. The New Granger’s infotainment system consists of the best-in-class 12.3 ”cluster (dashboard) and 12.3” navigation in seamless form, and the newly developed graphic-user-interface. ) Is the first application of the ‘AQUA GUI’.

The new GUI reproduces the feeling of transparent and cozy sea through blue lighting, and is applied to all menus including the home screen. The new GUI will provide customers with a more intuitive and convenient user experience (UX) along with state-of-the-art infotainment technologies such as Navigation Automatic Wireless Update (OTA) and Kakao i Natural Language Speech Recognition.

HMC’s first air cleaning system consists of a fine dust sensor and a micro air filter. The fine dust detection sensor monitors indoor air quality in real time to indicate the level of air pollution in the vehicle in the following four levels: ▲ Bad ▲ Normal ▲ Normal ▲ Good. The filter keeps the air in the car clean.

The second generation smart posture control system was first applied to Hyundai Motor as a specification that relieves spinal fatigue by automatically operating the lumber support (waist support) in four directions when driving for a long time. The new Granger’s representative safety specification is Hyundai Motor’s first anti-collision secondary-crossing (FCA-JT) technology.

This technology prevents the risk of turning left at an intersection so that you do not collide with oncoming vehicles. Reversing guide lamps have been applied mainly to luxury vehicles, and the LED guide light is reflected on the rear road when the vehicle is retracted to convey the intention of the vehicle to pedestrians and surrounding vehicles. In addition, the New Grandeur has a ‘Highway Driving Assistance (HDA)’ that has been extended not only to highways but also to automobile-only roads.

Rear view monitor (BVM) that displays rear view images in a cluster to help drive safely ▲ Secure stop assistance (SEA) that locks and alerts the rear door when a rear approach vehicle is detected after a stop ▲ Smart key Cutting edge convenience and safety features have been applied, such as ‘Remote Smart Parking Assistance (RSPA)’, which helps to move the vehicle forward and backward to make parking and exiting easier in tight spaces.

The New Grandeur will be released simultaneously with four engine lineups, including 2.5 gasoline, 3.3 gasoline, 2.4 hybrid and 3.0 LPi. The 2.5 gasoline model has a maximum output of 198 ps (horsepower) and a maximum torque of 25.3 kgf · m, with a combined fuel economy of 11.9 km / ℓ (based on 17-inch tires), an improvement of 6.3%.

The new generation of the next-generation SmartStream G2.5 engine improves fuel economy, power performance and quietness compared to the existing 2.4 gasoline model. The new engine injects fuel optimally with either MPI (indirect injection) or GDi (direct injection), taking into account speed and RPM (rpm).

The 3.3 gasoline model has a maximum power of 290 ps (horsepower) and a maximum torque of 35.0 kgf · m. The steering response is responsive at high speeds due to the application of rack-driven power steering (R-MDPS) to match high displacement engines. Strengthened. The 2.4 hybrid model has a high economy with a combined fuel economy of 16.2 km / ℓ (based on 17-inch tires) and offers overwhelming quietness.

The 3.0 LPi model adds a new LPi tank in a circular form instead of the existing cylinder form to increase trunk loading space. The New Granger secured a new level of interior quietness by applying a 19-inch wheel resonator, increasing rear glass thickness, expanding rear windshield, and strengthening the lower body.

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