Kia Optima/K5 New Details For North America

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kia k5 gt
kia k5 gt

We received new information in regards to the Kia K5 previously known as Kia Optima.

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Now we received additional confirmation that Kia Motors America continues with the plans to rename one of the most iconic vehicles sold in the USA, the Kia Optima.

Ready or not, The North American Market will also carry the same name as South Korea Market, Kia K5, in which we believe it might bring some confusion at the beginning but with the new bold style brought on this Optima, eventually, we all will get used to it.

The engines powering the Kia K5 ( We should probably get used to its new name now) will be the 1.6T engine and the Kia K5 GT will be using the 2.5T engine. What we got confirmation now is the AWD will only be available to the 1.6T engine and not for the 2.5T engine, this might be a bad news for some people but this is a great addition for the Kia K5 lineup.

kia optima gt

We also got confirmation the Kia K5 will also bring GT-Line models to the USA Market with different option package from what have been used in the past. One thing that will make lots of people happy is Kia is also planning to also make AWD available to some of their GT-Line models bringing more and more options to choose to all the consumers.

What we know so far?

The 2.5-liter T-GDi engine is capable of powering the K5 GT from 0-to-100 kph in around 6.6 seconds. As powerful as it is efficient, the engine features Kia’s new-generation integrated thermal management system, maintaining ideal operating temperatures thanks to an intelligent cooling system for the engine block and cylinder head.

In addition, the engine features a new dual-injection system, switching between MPI at low speeds, GDI at higher speeds, and a combination of the two in the mid-range, depending on operating conditions.

All engines are paired as standard with six- or eight-speed automatic transmissions, while the 2.5-liter T-GDi engines are also available with Kia’s new eight-speed wet double-clutch transmission (8DCT).

Designed to offer the smooth shifting characteristics of a conventional automatic, the 8DCT enhances fuel efficiency over eight-speed automatic, depending on application.

About the AWD option, Kia did not confirmed if is going to be available together with this engines as in their press released they said is going to be available “with certain engines depending on market”.

Stay tuned for more details!!

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