All-New Kia Sorento Officially Launched in South Korea

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kia sorento south korea
kia sorento south korea

While Kia Motors Worldwide have set Sorento’s world premiere for Thursday 19th, today Kia unveiled the new Sorento online in South Korea and began selling it. The fourth-generation Sorento is a new model released six years after the release of the third-generation in 2014, and has enhanced space utilization, strong driving performance, advanced safety and convenience specifications of a large SUV.

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The exterior design was completed with the concept of ‘Refined Boldness’. The front part has a ‘Tiger Nose’ design that adds boldness by connecting a radiator grill and an LED headlamp, and the rear part is designed through the contrast of a vertical LED rear combination lamp, horizontally placed lettering type emblem, and wide bumper garnish. Increased the completeness of The interior is designed with the concept of ‘Functional Emotions’.

12.3-inch instrument panel, 10.25-inch UVO (reservation) navigation, large-screen display, and dial-type electronic transmission are applied, and ‘Crystal line mood lighting’, quilted nappa leather seats, indoor materials with high tactile and visual luxury, etc. Wow realized a differentiated and sophisticated sensibility. The new car completed the spacious interior space and improved the space utilization significantly through the optimal layout design based on the new platform.

The wheelbase has been increased by 35 mm, and the second row knee space and loading space have been increased. In particular, the two-row independent seat, which was applied only to large SUVs, was applied to enhance the comfort and convenience of two-row passengers (limited to six-seater models). The new Sorento diesel model is a combination of the ‘SmartStream D2.2’ engine and SmartStream wet 8DCT, which meet the strengthened emission regulations.

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It has a maximum output of 202 horsepower and a maximum torque of 45.0 kgf · m, and has achieved a combined fuel economy of 14.3 km / l (5 seater, 18-inch wheels, based on 2WD). The hybrid model is a system with a maximum output power of 180 hp, a maximum torque of 27.0 kgf · m, a smart stream turbo hybrid engine, a maximum output of 44.2 kW, a maximum torque of 26.9 kgf · m, a driving motor, and a six-speed automatic transmission.

The torque is 35.7kgf · m. In addition, in the third quarter of this year, the new Sorento gasoline turbo model equipped with SmartStream G2.5 T engine and SmartStream wet 8DCT will be added to further strengthen the domestic market. However, Kia Motors did not disclose the specific schedule for the hybrid model, which had previously stopped the contract due to the government’s failure to meet the standards of eco-friendly vehicles.

The new Sorento Hybrid has gained popularity by recording 1,3849 contracts on the first day of the pre-contract. The new Sorento has applied differentiated advanced safety and convenience specifications. The ‘Multi-collision prevention automatic braking system (MCB)’ is the first safety specification applied by the Hyundai Motor Group.

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When an accident occurs while driving a vehicle, if the driver temporarily fails to control the vehicle after the first collision, the vehicle is automatically braked and secondary. It is a technology that prevents accidents. Kia PAY, the first Kia car to be applied to the new Sorento, is a feature that allows users to easily pay through the navigation screen when paying at an affiliated gas station or parking lot.

Another convenient feature is the ‘Remote 360 ​​° view (video around my car)’, which allows you to check the surroundings of the vehicle with a smartphone in conjunction with the Surround View Monitor (SVM). An official from Kia Motors said, “The fourth-generation Sorento has exceeded the same class, and has realized superior merchandise compared to a large SUV as well as a sedan. “We look forward to establishing itself as a ‘New Life Platform’ for life.”

The sales price of the 4th generation Sorento diesel model was set at 2,948,000 won ($23,727) for entry trim, 3,227 million won ($25,972) for Prestige trim, 3,527 million won ($28,387) for Noblesse trim, and 3,817 million won ($30,721) for Signature trim.

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