US-Spec Kia K5 Caught Undisguised

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kia k5 us spec spied (2)
kia k5 us spec spied (2)

These are the very first completely undisguised pictures of the all-new Kia K5 (yeah, it is going to be called K5 worldwide as we have said before) on its US-spec caught near Kia Motors America HQ in Irving, California. After we have seen the first pictures of a camouflaged prototype under the codename “DL3A AWD”. DL3 is the codename of the all-new K5, and AWD, well, is clear, but the “A” attached to the DL3 means we were in front of the US-spec. Now this is the proof that confirms K5 launch is inminent.

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What we know so far?

In addition to showcasing Kia’s future design direction, they said that Kia K5 will be available for the first time with an all-wheel drive (AWD) system, in addition the standard front-wheel drive system. A lot of expeculations came out but nothing were confirmed about engine availability, the latest we have known from our sources were they will offer on the GT top trim and also with the 1.6 Turbo.

The AWD will be reserved for markets like the USA, where recently some brands like Toyota or Nissan have added to their line-up of mid-sized sedans. As sharing the same underpinnings as the Sonata, we expected that Hyundai’s twin will have it, but is still unclear after they give some specs of their N-line model and didn’t said anything about AWD.

“The K5 won’t just play a central role in strengthening Kia’s presence in the global sedan segment. Almost a decade on from its game-changing predecessor, it also represents the latest milestone in Kia’s transformation into a creator of desirable, world-class cars.” said Thomas Schemera.

kia k5 us spec spied (1)

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Check what Kia’s said on the press released about the AWD & powertrain.

One of the most important new introductions of the new generation K5 is the availability of a new all-wheel drive (AWD) system – the first time such a drivetrain has been offered on Kia’s D-segment sedan. Available with certain engines depending on market, the AWD system offers buyers enhanced dynamic capability in conditions where traction is reduced, shifting power to the rear axle based on driver inputs and road conditions. The K5 remains front-wheel drive as standard.

The K5 is available with a choice of gasoline engines. For customers in North America and Kia’s domestic Korean market, a new ‘Smartstream’ 1.6-liter T-GDi (turbocharged gasoline direct injection) engine is available, featuring Kia’s new Continuously Variable Valve Duration (CVVD) technology.

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CVVD regulates valve duration according to driving conditions, instead of operating on a fixed duration, boosting performance at low-to-mid engine speeds and boosting fuel efficiency. The 1.6-liter T-GDi engine works up to a peak 180 ps at 5,500 rpm, with a 265 Nm torque output across a wide range of engine speeds (1,500-4,500 rpm).

Depending on market, other engine options include a 2.0-liter MPI (multi-point injection) engine (152 ps, 192 Nm); a 2.0-liter engine with continuously-variable valve lift (CVVL) technology (160 ps, 196 Nm); and a 2.5-liter GDi engine (194 ps, 246 Nm).

The K5 offers a tailored driving experience thanks to its Drive Mode Select system, which enables drivers to adapt the car’s acceleration, steering and gear shift characteristics on the fly. ‘Smart’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Eco’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Custom’ modes allow drivers to alternately maximize fuel efficiency, refine the handling experience, or enhance the responses of their vehicle to driver inputs.

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