Another Recall for Genesis GV80 in South Korea

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gv80 pump problem

First Genesis Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the GV80, faces another recall in South Korea after was discovered a manufacturing defect of the high-pressure pump that could cause vehicle shut down.

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 22th that it will recall several GV80 SUVs in accordance with the possibility of wear on the driving part and defective fuel pressure formation due to the defects caused during high-pressure pump processing in some of the Genesis GV80 vehicles.

A total of 8,783 vehicles that were manufactured between December 31, 2019 and September 8, 2020 are afftected. It also has been confirmed that these engines could be turned off because fuel was not supplied. Recall repair is scheduled to be performed after checking the fuel tank and replacing parts related to the high pressure pump if necessary.

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Meanwhile, this is not the first time the Genesis GV80 has been recalled. The Genesis GV80 has been officially recalled steadily since its launch in South Korea back in January. The first one was related to the possibility of abnormal shifting due to a stop & go (ISG) software error in February, 823 units were affected. Later in April, 3,247 units were recalled due to a digital cluster instrument software error.

Also in April, 478 vehicles had the remote smart parking assistance error but the bigger one was in July when 15,599 vehicles were recalled due to fuel pulling when stopping on the ramp. Most recently, 8,035 vehicles were recalled due to intermittent engine shaking and vibration problem in the all-new 3.0 V6 diesel engine. The Genesis GV80 sold 1,810 units in August, while is recording a cumulative sales of 21,826 units in South Korea.

Source: Seoul Newspaper

Written by Jose Antonio López

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.


  1. Mark

    lol, Toyota recalled over 2 million cars a couple months ago for the exact same faulty fuel pump issue that led to several stalled engine highway accidents, including almost the entire 2018-2019 Lexus lineup. Let’s not pretend that Genesis is fairing poorly against the competition.

    • Jose

      Well about that you said about Toyota/Lexus, maybe we are in front of a similar part or even the same, if Denso (former Toyota company) have made this fuel pump also for Genesis, that could be the explanation of this case.

      • Mark

        Maybe. We’ll also probably be seeing a lot of ABS and brake-related recalls in the upcoming months from a bunch of other manufacturers, because the ones that were recently recalled by Hyundai/Kia were all sourced from Mando Corp. Hopefully won’t end up being another Takata airbag scenario.

    • Lukas Gessner

      Right, but fairly or not, Lexus has a reputation for reliability, whereas, as a new brand, Genesis doesn’t, or at worst (and again, fairly or not), its association with Hyundai does it no favors in the public eye. I don’t have major concerns about Hyundai quality–I bought (not leased) a ’20 Sonata hybrid, myself–but then I know cars well enough to know that Hyundai today is not Hyundai of 1992. The general public’s perception is always going to both lag reality and be overly susceptible to negative of-the-moment stories.

      • Mark

        Quality =/= reliability. The German brands have absolutely nothing comparable to Genesis in reliability, and it’s even more laughable with American brands like Cadillac or Lincoln. To be competitive as a premium brand, a vehicle needs to take risks and stand out with cutting-edge tech and performance. Lexus sell on “reliability” because their most popular vehicles like the ES and RX literally sit on the same platform and share the same engines with a Camry. Their new LS and LC are a total flop in sales, because they can’t compete with the Germans in tech or performance. Consumers looking for the best aren’t stupid enough to excuse Lexus’s faults.

  2. Intergalactic_wolf

    Yikes, love this car but the amount of recalls is certainly off putting. Get your shite together, Genesis.

  3. Lukas Gessner

    I understand that cars are enormously more complicated today than in the early ’90’s, but…imagine if Toyota had launched Lexus like this. I also have to wonder if a lot of this is due to Hyundai not allowing their companies within the chaebol that supply auto parts to supply to others as well, thereby making them be less competitive and well-developed.

    • Jose

      Well, behind this could be a lot. Despite Genesis is one of the more reliable brands according to J.D Power, the export is different than the local market, which already have received several complaints about that the quality controls are less exhaustive, but at the same time, I need to say that Genesis and HMG hurried up too much to launch GV80 and G80, so here could be the result of that rush.


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