Mysterious Genesis G80 Spied, Could be the Sport?

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Looking at the sales volume now about six months after launch, the new G80 continues to have a good mood. The premium sedan, which has a basic price of over 50 million won ($44,000) ranks fifth in the monthly sales volume in South Korea. Genesis was also preparing the G80 sport, but after a few months we have not seen the prototype testing, while we have seen many times the electric version or eG80.

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But today we have new spy pictures of what can be the G80 Sport and take more importance after Genesis today released the GV70 with a Sport trim and the same steering wheel as we have seen in the G80 Sport prototype. Let’s review all the info we have.

Back in August, a report from AutoPost said the new G80 sport is unlikely to appear for the time being. It has been reported that no progress has been made since the P2 stage, when the test car was assembled and undergoes a road test. Along with this, it was also reported that Genesis put its G80 Sport down for a while and is busy moving to add a whole new line-up of electric cars. 

After a successful debut, the Genesis G80 sold 7,889 units in the month of July, ranking fifth in the monthly sales of domestic cars. This is more sold than Sonata or Palisade, which is a great figure. Even now, G80 shipments have been delayed for several months, and for the time being, it is expected to be shipped to 7~8,000 units per month for the time being.

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With the launch of the GV70, Genesis hinted that a future high-performance sports version of the sedan might appear after the release of the GV70 Sport, which has dedicated bumpers, steering wheel and alcantra upholstery. The second generation G80 also had a sports version, so it was expected that the successor model will also have a Sport model.

In fact, the test cars estimated to be G80 sports on the road were also captured one after another, which increased expectations. However, according to latest information, the launch of the G80 Sport has been postponed indefinitely and the possibility of not appearing at all is being raised. Currently, the G80 Sport has been reported to have made no progress since the P2 phase test.

Is this prototype the G80 Sport resuming its development? As you can see in the picture above, looks like the rear bumper has a different design, the red catadioptric is in another position, while in both sides appeared what looks like some rear bumper vents. In the front the spy picture also allow to see that the lower part of the bumper has a different design. Tell us what you think!


A prototype of G80 Sport spied with the same steering wheel premiered today in the GV70 Sport

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