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Genesis today unveiled images of the Genesis G80 Sport, the next evolution in its G80 lineup that adds dynamic design elements to its already popular midsize luxury sedan.

The G80 Sport builds on the existing G80’s foundation of luxurious design and innovative features, while offering a more athletic exterior design that evolves from Genesis’ design identity of ‘Athletic Elegance,’ with newly added interior and exterior features that set it apart.

The G80 Sport will also feature an exclusive new color: ‘Cavendish Red.’ The name is inspired by a cliffside on the north coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada, while the color was drawn from the area’s famous red cliffs.

Several unique design features set the G80 Sport apart from base models. The car’s front end will feature a exclusive design that can only be found on the G80 Sport, along with a radiator grille in dark glossy chrome, and a three-dimensional wing-shaped front bumper that accents the intake grille. Black bezels around the headlamps also highlight its sporty design.

A stunning profile reveals dark glossy chrome applied to all side moldings for a distinctive feeling of athletic luxury. G80 Sport models will also come with the exclusive 20-inch dark sputtering alloy wheels with their G-Matrix Pattern and two additional caliper colors offered in black and red.

The rear features a horizontal line that gives the G80 Sport a spacious look, while a unique bumper design contributes to its powerful and aggressive appearance from the back. Genesis has adjusted the color of the trunk lid molding too, while adding a new diffuser design to the reimagined bumper.

Three exclusive color options have been added for the interior, including black monotone with a choice between gray or red stitching, and Sevilla red.

Inside, the G80 Sport receives the Sport model specific three-spoke steering wheel, and the dashboard garnish comes in three different designs including Sport-exclusive real aluminum, real carbon, and a diamond-patterned hybrid weaving pattern, which will debut for the first time ever in the G80 Sport. Customers will also be able to choose new G80 Sport-exclusive seat quilting designs based on their choice of a diamond or V pattern.

In particular, the G80 sport offers Rear Wheel Steering (RWS) available for maximizing driving stability.

“The Genesis G80 Sport delivers the best value to customers who want to enjoy the perfect balance of ‘Athletic Elegance’ from the G80 combined with a more dynamic driving experience,” said Genesis official. “Detailed specifications will be released when the vehicle is launched in the third quarter of 2021.”

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  1. AJFresh

    What in the actual F Genesis? You make fans wait a year+ for the next gen G80 “Sport” with cryptic messages about its future and you deliver a barely there trim package?

    What is “Sport” about this, no engine improvements, no suspension improvements, you couldn’t even bother the change the exhaust tips. This screams LAZY, UNINSPIRED, and a hard pass for a long time Genny G80 fan.


  2. vbondjr1

    Hey Hyundai/Kia here’s an Idea. Why not take all of the performance stuff for the G70 and G80 and put it in the Stinger along with alot of the N-Performance stuff. Seeing that the Stinger has the same layout as the G80, why not give the “Performance car” the performance stuff such as rear steer and a more powerful 3.5L V6. Not to mention some of the concept stuff from the Veloster N concept and the Elantra N. Items such as a ram air hood, optional wheels, bigger brakes, performance interior, suspension options, cold air intakes, blow of valves intercoolers, aero upgrades and exhaust upgrades


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