Genesis GV60 to be 1st U.S. Wireless Charging EV

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genesis gv60 wireless charging

As we have advanced at the end of the year, Genesis is still attempting to become a mainstream brand in the global electric vehicle industry and now confirmed that GV60 will be the first wireless charging EV in the U.S market when it arrives earlier 2022.

Genesis will incorporate P&C technology into its first dedicated electric vehicle, the GV60 that was recently launched. P&C technology is a technology that is able to verify the user and have payments made automatically just by plugging in charging cable from either fast or superfast charging station. It removes the complicated procedure of using a credit card or corresponding card in order to go through an authentication process. It also supports “Car Pay”.

Although some automotive manufacturers such as Porsche are conducting pilot tests on this technology in the United States, they have yet to reach a level of commercialization. Genesis’ image as a leader in electrification expected to improved after the company released its first electric vehicles with P&C technology.

Also, the company plans to provide the industry’s first wireless charging technology as an option. This technology was developed along with WiTricity that is a leader when it comes to wireless charging of electric vehicle. Considering the current level of this technology, the technology will be able to provide a speed of 6 to 8 kWh. First 600′ GV60 wireless units will be sold in South Korea before the end of the year.

Because wireless charging requires a separate construction at charging station, it is only offered as an option for upper trims. However, because standardization of wireless charging is currently taking place in Europe and the United States, it is expected that the technology will only be available locally starting from the second half of 2021.

“Wireless charging, P&C, and exclusive home chargers will be at the core of Genesis’ strategy in targeting the global electric vehicle market.” said one industry official. “Because the company’s goal is to target the global market, it is focusing heavily on raising level of competition of its products and technologies.”

The GV60 is based on Hyundai Motor Group’s first dedicated electric vehicle platform “E-GMP” but has this Wireless charging as an exclusive.

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