Genesis Project 712 G Magma, Envisioning Hottest Genesis Ever

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Project 712 G Magma (7)

We recently posted about Genesis G70 fate, which unfortunately is set to be discontinued. Despite that, there are a big fanbase of the G70 and the G70 Shooting Brake, a derivative model that is on sale in South Korea, Europe or Australia. Now a group of automotive creatives called WRD went ahead and based on the latter, created the Project 712 G Magma which is a re-imagination of the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake.

What is WRD & Project 712 G Magma?

The Project 712 G Magma is their latest creation, and they’ve poured their hearts into every detail. Working closely with the talented 3D designer Brian Kim (@briankimdesigns_korea), they aimed to reinterpret the design elements from Genesis’ Magma concept cars and seamlessly apply them to the G70 SB, while enhancing the overall product to align with the Magma theme.

From the carbon parts in the front bumper and the stripes crossing the lower body to the hood scoop inspired by the G80 Magma Special, they’ve considered every aspect to create a cohesive design. The wheels maximize Genesis’ G-Matrix design language, while the rear wing, the most labor-intensive part, incorporates various stories and design cues from the subtle curves reminiscent of traditional Korean architecture to the similarities with the Genesis Essentia concept car.

They have even go further and also created some magazine ad-style images as tribute to the nostalgic, bold advertising feel of old car magazines.

The Project 712 is one of their passionate projects which previously includes the Trackliner and Streetliner (based on the IONIQ 6), the Eleczione Tarmac and Safari (IONIQ 5), the Pony Coupe, and the Santa Fe SWB.

Where does inspiration come from?

According to Jinsoo Park, WRD Strategic Planner, “it’s simple – our love for cars and the desire to express our passion through unique designs. But our ultimate goal with Project 712, and all our projects, is to one day bring these designs to life, given the right project, timing, and funding.” said Jinsoo. “We always approach our renderings with the mindset that they could be made into real cars. That’s why we pay such close attention to detail and feasibility in our designs.” he added.

And for you appreciate reader, what do you think about this creation? Will be turned into reality someday? Enjoy the gallery below with high resolution pictures.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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