Hyundai Motor Completes Acquisition of Mobis’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Business

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hyundai hydrogen business adquired

Hyundai Motor Company has successfully finalized the acquisition of Hyundai Mobis’s domestic hydrogen fuel cell business, marking a pivotal moment in its strategic push towards clean energy solutions. This acquisition, completed a few days ago, consolidates the previously separate R&D and production segments of the hydrogen fuel cell business under Hyundai Motor Company, aiming to enhance technological competitiveness and production quality.

Consolidation and Integration

The integration journey began in February when Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Mobis signed a transfer agreement, setting the stage for unifying their hydrogen fuel cell operations. This unification, completed last month, allowed Hyundai Motor Company to consolidate facilities, assets, and personnel from Mobis’s hydrogen fuel cell business. This move is expected to streamline operations and foster innovation within the company.

New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Process Quality Office

With the acquisition finalized, Hyundai Motor Company has established a new ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cell Process Quality Office’ within its R&D headquarters. This office will oversee manufacturing technology and mass production quality, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell innovation. A dedicated team is being organized to focus on these areas, reflecting Hyundai’s commitment to maintaining high standards in production quality.

hyundai nexo next gen spied for the first time

Next-gen NEXO Hydrogen spied testing

Commitment to Hydrogen Business

Hyundai Motor Company’s President, Jae-hoon Chang, emphasized the company’s dedication to the hydrogen business. “We are committed to the hydrogen business with a sense of mission,” he stated, highlighting the mission-driven efforts behind their initiatives. Jang also underscored the importance of collaboration within the Hyundai group to secure leadership in the hydrogen ecosystem. “We will strengthen the collaboration system within the group to secure leadership in the hydrogen ecosystem and continue to expand the hydrogen business foundation through resource-circulating hydrogen production, technology development, and the expansion of commercial vehicles,” he added.

Future Plans and Diversification

Hyundai Motor Company’s future plans are ambitious. The company aims to expand the sales of hydrogen fuel cells beyond hydrogen electric vehicles to various applications, including power generation, trams, ports, ships, and advanced air mobility (AAM). This diversification strategy is expected to reduce infrastructure and operating costs while improving operational efficiency through a unified management system. Additionally, Hyundai plans to launch the successor model to the NEXO by 2025, further solidifying its position in the hydrogen vehicle market.

Importance of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The significance of this acquisition is underscored by the growing importance of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the automotive industry. Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, emitting only water as a byproduct. This clean and sustainable energy source is seen as a key technology for reducing carbon emissions and achieving sustainability in transportation.

Global Trends Favoring Clean Energy

Hyundai Motor Company’s move to consolidate its hydrogen fuel cell business comes at a time when global trends are increasingly favoring clean energy and sustainability. Many countries and companies are investing in hydrogen technology as part of their efforts to combat climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. By unifying its hydrogen fuel cell operations, Hyundai is positioning itself to be a leader in this burgeoning market.


Hyundai Motor Company’s acquisition of Hyundai Mobis’s hydrogen fuel cell business marks a significant milestone in its journey towards clean energy solutions. By consolidating its hydrogen fuel cell operations, Hyundai is enhancing its technological competitiveness and production quality, positioning itself at the forefront of the hydrogen fuel cell market. With ambitious future plans and a commitment to sustainability, Hyundai Motor Company is set to play a leading role in the global shift towards clean energy.

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