Hyundai to Sold IONIQ 5 N Performance in Japan

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Hyundai IONIQ 5 n performance

Hyundai Motor is set to make a significant impact in the Japanese automotive market with the official launch of the IONIQ 5 N Performance. Initially introduced as a concept car, this model marks Hyundai’s first venture into performance parts-equipped vehicles in Japan and is the second high-performance vehicle release in the country following the IONIQ 5 N.

Establishing a High-Performance EV Sales Base

In a strategic move, Hyundai Motor plans to establish a robust high-performance electric vehicle (EV) sales base in Japan, with sales of the IONIQ 5 N Performance slated to begin in the fall. This initiative aims to tap into Japan’s growing interest in high-performance and eco-friendly vehicles.

The N Space Lounge in Kyoto

Hyundai Mobility Japan, Hyundai Motor’s Japanese subsidiary, has launched the ‘N Space Lounge’ in Kyoto. This space is dedicated to selling a lineup of high-performance electric vehicles. The N Space Lounge serves as an experiential space where customers can explore Hyundai’s various electric vehicle offerings. By providing a hands-on experience, Hyundai aims to boost local electric vehicle sales in Japan.

Hyundai plans to expand the N Space Lounge network to seven locations across Japan, including a prominent presence in Tokyo. This expansion is part of Hyundai’s broader strategy to solidify its position in the high-performance EV market in Japan.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 n performance

Exhibition and Sales Collaboration with Autobox

To further enhance its market presence, Hyundai Motor exhibited the IONIQ 5 N Performance and the exclusive ‘N Performance Parts’ at ‘A-Fit Autobox Kyoto Shijo’. This complex shopping space, operated by the Autobox Seven Group, sells a variety of car parts and offers a comprehensive automotive experience.

Customers visiting the A-Fit Autobox Kyoto Shijo can receive purchase consultations and after-service (AS) for the IONIQ 5 N Performance and N Performance Parts. Hyundai Motor and Autobox plan to leverage Autobox’s main locations, including the N Space Lounge in Kyoto, to sell these high-performance vehicles and parts starting this fall.

Ongoing High-Performance Launches in Japan

Hyundai Motor is committed to continuing the launch of high-performance new cars across major regions of Japan. Earlier this month, Hyundai held the ‘IONIQ 5 N Japan Premiere’ in Yokohama, unveiling the real car to the Japanese market. This event marks a significant step in Hyundai’s ongoing efforts to introduce innovative and high-performance electric vehicles to Japanese consumers.


Hyundai Motor’s launch of the IONIQ 5 N Performance in Japan represents a bold step towards establishing a strong foothold in the high-performance electric vehicle market. With the opening of the N Space Lounge in Kyoto and strategic collaborations with Autobox, Hyundai is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for high-performance EVs in Japan. As the company continues to expand its presence and introduce new models, Japanese consumers can look forward to a new era of high-performance electric mobility.

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