GV60 Magma Release is Imminent, to Cost Over $120,000

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Genesis GV60 Magma mule (7)

According to a recent report by AutoCar, Genesis is gearing up to launch its GV60 Magma electric crossover later this year, poised to push towards the £100,000 mark (around US $120,000) when it hits the UK market. This track-inspired, high-riding hatchback is the first vehicle from the Korean automaker’s new Magma performance brand, promising Hyundai IONIQ 5 N levels of performance but tailored specifically for the “gentleman driver”.

The Concept to Reality Transition

First unveiled as a concept earlier this year, the GV60 Magma is set to make its production-spec debut at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed. The GV60 Magma is expected to adopt many features from its hot Hyundai sibling, including an 89.0kWh battery and a powerful 641bhp dual-motor powertrain. In the IONIQ 5 N, this setup delivers a range of 278 miles and a blistering 0-62mph time of 3.4 seconds, setting high expectations for the GV60 Magma.

Pricing and Market Position

With a potential price tag reaching up to £100,000, the GV60 Magma stands significantly higher than the standard GV60, which can be specced up to £77,000. This price point positions it as a premium option within the electric vehicle (EV) market, targeting discerning drivers who value a blend of performance and luxury.

Performance and Driving Dynamics

Tyrone Johnson, the vehicle development chief known for his work on the Ford Focus RS and Hyundai i30 N, emphasized that Magma cars are designed for more than just speed. “They will be built for the gentleman driver. This is not just about speed: it is about driving from A to B in an exciting, enthusiastic way,” Johnson told Autocar.

Johnson highlighted that the focus is shifting away from sheer power towards driving engagement. Features like the IONIQ 5 N’s artificial gear changes and engine noise might be incorporated, enhancing the driving experience through advanced software that creates realistic motion cues and sound effects.

Design Philosophy

Chief designer Luc Donckerwolke stated that Magma cars prioritize function over form. “Magma is not just about style. I hate style. Style is superficial. Nothing will be added to a car that ‘could be cool’: forget about it. It will be ‘cool’ because it works.” This philosophy ensures that every design element serves a practical purpose, enhancing the vehicle’s performance and user experience.

Interestingly, Magma vehicles will not feature specific branding. Instead, the Genesis logo will be blacked out, offering a subtle yet distinctive aesthetic, akin to “wearing a fur coat inside out.”

Future of the Magma Brand

Following the GV60, which could arrive in showrooms by early next year, Genesis plans to extend the Magma treatment to every model in its lineup. As Genesis transitions to an all-electric lineup in Europe, only Magma EVs will be available in this market. Looking ahead, the Magma name could evolve into its own model lineup, similar to how Cupra separated from Seat. Two models, including the striking X Gran Berlinetta Concept, are already under consideration.


The Genesis GV60 Magma represents a bold new direction for the brand, blending high performance with premium luxury for the discerning driver. With its debut set for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the GV60 Magma is poised to make a significant impact on the EV market. As Genesis continues to innovate and expand its Magma performance brand, enthusiasts can look forward to a range of exciting, high-performance electric vehicles designed with both power and sophistication in mind.

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