Genesis at 2024 Busan International Mobility Show

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genesis neorun x gran racer

On Thursday, June 27, Genesis showcased its new flagship electric SUV, the NEOLUN Concept, for the first time in Asia at the 2024 Busan Mobility Show held at BEXCO. Alongside this, Genesis introduced the ‘Magma’ program, indicating its expansion into high-performance vehicles, and globally debuted the ‘Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo Concept.’

Genesis’ Future Innovations and Korean Hospitality: NEOLUN

The NEOLUN, first revealed in New York this past March, exemplifies Genesis’ seamless blend of design and technology, showcasing the brand’s limitless potential and future direction. NEOLUN, a combination of “Neo” (new) and “Luna” (moon), symbolizes brand’s commitment to delivering futuristic and innovative luxury values.

SangYup Lee, Head of Genesis Global Design, remarked, “NEOLUN reflects Genesis’ elegance in the purest form, embodying the timeless value and grace found in traditional Korean moon jars.”

genesis neolun

The NEOLUN’s design eliminates unnecessary elements, featuring a ‘Reductive Design’ philosophy that marries luxury with innovation. A key highlight is the B-pillarless coach doors, which offer an open interior space, enhancing convenience and presenting brand’s vision for future mobility.

The exterior sports a ‘Midnight Black & Majestic Blue’ two-tone, exuding a sophisticated and serene aura akin to the quiet elegance of a Korean night. Inside, the spacious cabin reinterprets traditional Korean hospitality with modern touches, from B-pillarless coach doors to the extensive use of natural materials like cashmere and naturally dyed vintage leather.

genesis neorun x gran racer

High-Performance Ambitions: Genesis X Gran Racer Concept

The 2024 Busan Mobility Show also marked the launch of ‘Magma’ program, a new initiative aiming to push the boundaries of high-performance luxury. The program aims to blend cutting-edge technology with sporty design, elevating driving pleasure and performance.

Inspired by the ‘X Gran Berlinneta Concept,’ the new X Gran Racer Concept is a digital racing game model that highlights brand’s commitment to high-performance design. It features Genesis’ signature two-line design, a mid-engine layout, and a carbon rear wing spoiler, maximizing downforce and high-speed stability.

The interior focuses on driver-centric design, with a yoke-style steering wheel and a digital panoramic interface enhancing concentration on the racetrack. The inclusion of a racing roll cage behind the driver’s seat underscores the balance of aesthetic and functional values.

genesis electrified g80

The New Standard in Electrified Sedans: G80 Electrified Facelift

The G80 Electrified Facelift, revealed for the first time in Korea since its debut in Beijing in April, sets a new benchmark for luxury electric sedans. With an extended wheelbase, enhanced interior luxury, and advanced technologies like a 27-inch wide display and a high-resolution Bang & Olufsen sound system, the G80 Electrified Facelift promises an unparalleled driving experience.

The updated G80 also boasts increased convenience with features like power reclining independent seats and an Easy Close system, ensuring superior passenger comfort and competitiveness in the market.

Genesis at the Busan Mobility Show

During the Busan Mobility Show, Genesis will showcase seven vehicles, including the NEOLUN Concept, Genesis X Gran Racer Concept, G80 Electrified Facelift, G90 Black, GV80 Coupe, and GV70. Visitors can also experience the ‘Magma Experience’ VR game, explore the Korean-inspired ‘Genesis Collection’ exhibit, and enjoy the ‘Genesis Privilege’ zone, highlighting exclusive benefits for Genesis owners.

Genesis continues to push boundaries, combining innovative technology and elegant design to meet the highest expectations of its customers. The brand’s participation in the Busan Mobility Show underlines its commitment to leading the future of luxury mobility.

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