Mysterious Kia Stinger Midship Captured

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Our Youtuber friend Pungtagi TV sent us this interesting pictures of a mysterious Kia Stinger Midship car caught in South Korea. At first look you will think this is just a regular camouflaged Stinger, but looking closely you will notice a two air intakes in the rear door trying to be hided with the additional canvas.

The mysterious vehicle was caught in the street and despite we don’t know what this could be, we are completely lost. We don’t know if this model is a production vehicle, a race car or what. The only time we have seen a midship car was the RM series from Hyundai.

So, are we in front of an early prototype of Kia midship vehicle? or could be this the first test mule of Hyundai’s first high-performance N midship model?. This vehicle looks like a regular Stinger camouflaged using sticker and canvas. The front of the vehicle used both, probably to hide closed front air intakes while in the rear they also camouflaged up to the windows in a movement to cover the rear engine of other people’s glances.

Detail of the Stinger Midship Rear Air Intakes

As we told you this week, Hyundai is abandoning the development of internal combustion engines, so that will suppose we won’t see that 2.3 Turbo midship model. But this is not the first time that Hyundai talked is working on launched high-performance midship model.

The potential expansion of South Korean brand’s performance models was expected to move into all-electric models according to a statement from Hyundai’s Global Chief of Marketing, Thomas Schemera, who said: “We never stop thinking about expanding our product portfolio. Strategically, we are moving full speed ahead with eco-friendly offerings. We have a crystal clear plan. One thing is for sure: eco-friendly vehicles are on our priority list, at the top.”

So what do you think? Place your bets!

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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