KIA to Launch a New Gen Seltos Hybrid as Soon as August 2025

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kia seltos hybrid in the making

Kia is set to launch a new generation Seltos hybrid model according to a report from ETNews. Slated for release in the second half of next year, this new addition marks a significant step in Kia’s commitment to the hybrid market.

Introduction of the Seltos Hybrid

The eagerly anticipated Hybrid variant of the Seltos is part of Kia’s strategic plan to electrify its lineup across all five types of SUVs and leisure vehicles (RVs) sold in Korea. This move aims to address the temporary demand stagnation in electric vehicles while meeting the rapidly increasing demand for hybrid cars. The hybrid model will be based on the completely modified Seltos (known internally as SP3), with mass production scheduled for August next year at Kia Autoland Gwangju Factory.

First Hybrid System in the Seltos

This is the first time the Seltos will feature a hybrid system that combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor. Since its debut in 2019, the Seltos has been available in gasoline and diesel variants, but due to decreasing diesel demand, only gasoline models have been sold recently. The introduction of the hybrid system is a significant upgrade, enhancing both the vehicle’s performance and its appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

A big competition for the Niro?

Specifications and Performance

The new Seltos will be available in two models: gasoline and hybrid. The Hybrid model is expected to feature a 141 horsepower 1.6-liter hybrid system, similar to that used in Hyundai’s Kona Hybrid or the proper Kia Niro. From our point of view, it is easy to see this as a competition to Hyundai’s Kona, but with the Niro in the line-up which is only 35mm larger than the current Seltos, it’s hard to understand this movement and how it could cannibalize each other.

Additionally, Kia is developing a dedicated electronic all-time four-wheel drive (E-AWD) system for the Seltos Hybrid. This system is particularly aimed at the European market, where there is a strong preference for four-wheel drive vehicles. The E-AWD system is expected to deliver superior driving performance compared to existing systems, enhancing the Seltos Hybrid’s appeal in markets with diverse driving conditions.

Market Impact and Consumer Appeal

The introduction of the Seltos Hybrid is expected to have a significant impact on the small SUV market. Since its launch, the Seltos has been highly popular in Korea, consistently ranking first in domestic small SUV sales since 2020. This success is attributed to its strong value proposition, offering a compelling ‘price-to-performance ratio’.

Priced from the early 20 million won range, the Hybrid model is poised to attract a wide range of consumers, from eco-conscious buyers to those seeking a versatile and reliable small SUV. With its advanced hybrid technology, superior fuel efficiency, and enhanced driving performance, the Seltos Hybrid is set to reinforce Kia’s reputation for innovation and quality in the competitive automotive market.


Kia’s introduction of the Seltos Hybrid marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards electrification but left opens a big question regarding a posible cannibalization on its own line-up.

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