Next-gen Kia Optima Found Undisguised

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Finally someone caught the Next-Gen Optima without any camouflage and we can actually judge its lines and final design.

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What we know so far?

Now we can actually tell how sporty this nex-gen Optima looks like. Unfortuntely we dont have any front picture but just the side and for we are excited for this new Optima.

We see the dual exhaust at the bottom with a black trim and also the side vents a little higher than the exhaust tips.

These are what most people call potato pictures but we can only assume they been reduce in resolution due to uploading to the internet and also it seems to be taken from a distance.

The headlights remain the same and now we get a close up of the DRL light while they are off. It’s similar to the number 2 shape which follows the fender new design, this will be a very define factor to recognize the next-gen Optima. Also found on the top grille is the front camera, right on the top middle of this enlarged grille.

The new Kia Optima on its US-spec will have 2 different engines, both turbo-charged, and will use 3 different transmissions. A 1.6T will be available with two levels of power while one will have the 8-speed AT and the other will kept the 7-speed Dual Clutch.

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The star will be the completely new Theta3 engine with 2.5-liter displacement, the new 8-speed Dual Clutch Transmission with AWD option and delivering 286hp approximately.

After Kia released their official rendering and now these pictures this only means we are getting closer and closer to its debut. We dont have an official date yet but we’ll keep and eye for the unveil date or more spy shots.

Source: Bobaedream

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