First Official Images of the New Kia K9

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kia k9

Kia unveiled the exterior design of “The New Kia K9”, a revised model launched in South Korea in order to improve the marketability of the K9 to a more luxurious image. Gets better?.

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The New K9 is a model that has been newly introduced three years after the K9 was launched in April 2018, and has been reborn as a representative large luxury sedan in Korea with a classy and modern design.

Kia has completed a more luxurious image by adding sophisticated and high-tech sensibility to the existing K9. The front of The New K9 has a luxurious sensibility by applying a V-shaped elaborate chrome pattern that reflects light on the radiator grille, which has greatly increased its size and width.

Along with this, the slim horizontally extended headlamps created a cutting-edge atmosphere, and the slim and wide lower bumper contrasted with the large radiator grille gave a sense of stability.

On the side, a balanced silhouette and a voluminous character line create a profound feeling, and a unique design of fender garnish and a three-dimensional 19-inch sputtering wheel are applied to emphasize the sense of luxury.

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On the back, the rear lamps connected horizontally to the left and right of a futuristic yet luxurious image from the side character line are impressive, and the vertical lamp graphic gives a sense of unity with the graphic of the head lamp, adding a sophisticated feeling.

In addition, the wide lower bumper gives a sense of stability suitable for a large sedan, and the license plate is moved to the bumper and the trim name is removed to create a clean and modern image.

An official from Kia said, “The New K9 is an important model that shows the direction of Kia. It is expected that the new K9, which will be released in the future, will deliver a differentiated premium that inspires customers with new design as well as excellent product quality. I do” he said.

Source: Kia

Written by Jose Antonio López

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  1. Intergalactic_wolf

    You know what’s disappointing? The pre-facelift model looks way better. The front looks like the new Octavia that had too much cake.

  2. Jtzist .

    Is it difficult for Kia to make a premium luxury sedan turn heads or something? Still looks boring and people will ignore you when on the streets compared to Stinger and K5.
    Why is it Kia has Stinger and K5 cars underneath the K9 with attractive designs but cant use that same formula for the flagship sedan?


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