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Kia Tasman

On June 27th, during a media day event, Kia showcased its future core business, the PBV (Platform Beyond Vehicle) concept, and unveiled the camouflage model of its first authentic pickup, “The Kia Tasman,” for the first time in Korea.

Strengthening Leadership in Mobility

Kia aims to solidify its position as a leading mobility brand by introducing its electrification direction, customized mobility solutions, and mobility strategy from a customer experience perspective.

During the event, Kia will guide visitors through an exhibition hall that naturally showcases Kia’s current and future movements, based on customer-centric management.

Jung Won-jung, Vice President of Kia’s Domestic Business Division, stated, “All of Kia’s movements are aimed at providing sustainability and a differentiated customer experience. We will strive to develop vehicle models tailored to various lifestyles and businesses, including dedicated EVs, The Kia Tasman, and PBVs, to pioneer a new future in mobility.”

kia ev3

Specialized EV3 Space: Leading the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

Kia plans to lead the popularization of electric vehicles with its compact SUV EV3, along with the EV6 and EV9, revealed in May. Kia aims to establish an electric vehicle ecosystem by offering various services for EV purchase, charging, and management.

At the Busan Mobility Show, Kia will prominently display the EV3 at the exhibition hall’s entrance, creating an immersive and special customer experience in the dedicated “EV3 Zone.” Visitors can explore the unique features of the EV3 and gain information quickly through large kiosks and thematic displays designed in collaboration with neon artist Yoon Yeo-jun.

kia pbv5

Unveiling PBV Concepts: The Future of Mobility

Kia will reveal the PBV concept models PV5, PV1, and PV7 for the first time in Korea, showcasing the innovation in transportation these models bring. The PV5, set to launch in 2025, is optimized for urban infrastructure and various business sectors such as vehicle hailing and last-mile delivery. The PV1 is designed for short-distance logistics with minimal turning radius, while the PV7 offers extensive space and long driving range for long-distance logistics.

The PBV Zone will feature demonstrations of PBV movements and videos showing the diverse applications of PV5, enhancing the understanding of the urban logistics ecosystem and new business expansions PBVs will create.

First Public Reveal of “The Kia Tasman” Camouflage Model

For the first time in Korea, Kia will publicly reveal the camouflage model of its first authentic pickup, “The Kia Tasman,” at the Busan Mobility Show. Inspired by the wild beauty of the Tasmanian landscape, the camouflage design aims to guide people through breathtaking sceneries and adventurous challenges.

Kia plans to introduce “The Kia Tasman” to the global market starting in 2025, targeting customers who enjoy outdoor leisure activities.

Customer-Centric Exhibition Concept

The 2024 Busan Mobility Show’s exhibition concept is “Customer-Centric and People Focused, Kia always providing customers better ways to move forward.” The exhibition hall will feature a large central LED screen surrounded by additional LED screens to vividly convey Kia’s brand vision, design, customer experiences, and events.

Kia will also collaborate with Disney to create a “Family Zone” based on the animated film “Inside Out 2,” offering various experiential events and prize giveaways. Visitors can create personalized phone backgrounds and take commemorative photos in themed photo zones.


Kia will provide diverse and unique customer experiences through priority EV3 test drive reservations, on-site EV model test drives, a stamp tour, and hashtag events. A Kia representative emphasized, “We will continue to offer innovative designs and differentiated mobility technologies to provide new customer experiences and actively engage in customer-centric activities to become a brand closer to our customers.”

By participating in the 2024 Busan Mobility Show, Kia demonstrates its commitment to pioneering the future of mobility through sustainability, innovation, and a focus on customer experiences.

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