2023 Hyundai Kona Spied in the Arctic Circle

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hyundai kona sx2

Today we can give you the another look into the all new Hyundai Kona (Codenamed as SX2) slated for 2023, spied in the Arctic Circle by our colleagues at CarPIX.

By the looks of it the next generation Kona will grow slightly but it will keep the familiar look. The Kona was the brand’s first model featuring the split headlamps, and the second-gen model is set to carry the feature forward. However, while the model started off with horizontal lower lamps, the 2023 Kona could have vertical lower (main) lamps, as seen on Palisade, Tucson, and other recent Hyundai SUVs.

The next generation Hyundai Kona is likely to continue  offering petrol and all-electric powertrains. In this cased the Kona prototype was a petrol powered version. Its EV sibling is codenamed SX2e EV, with ‘e’ denoting Europe, according to some reports. Also the codename SX2 N Line has been mentioned, indicating that Hyundai will continue to offer the next generation Kona with a sportier styling package and performance enhancements for the enthusiasts. 

First look inside the next-gen Hyundai Kona

Some rumors say that this new Hyundai Kona could actually replace the i30 family in the Hyundai line-up given the fact that the entire i30 range was outsold by sister brand Kia’s XCEED,  a crossover that shares Hyundai Motor Group’s K series platform with the i30. People wants crossovers and SUV’s as for now and that’s not likely to change in a while.

A quick view into the cabin for the first time shows a digital screen in front of the driver and a new steering wheel design, but its hard to see how big it will actually be. The rest of the interior is pretty much covered.

The engine range is unknown but we already known that it will have a EV variant (codenamed as SX2 EV). The debut should take place in 2023.

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  1. Jose Manuel

    It’s a pity we won’t see a new sporty i30 Hatchback with the new “platform 3” of Hyundai.

  2. Joshua Easton

    @jtzist:disqus The digital gauge cluster looks like the 2022 Tucson. Also, will the redesign be a 2023 model or 2024 model? Because the facelift just released as a 2022 model. So now we are getting a redesign so soon? Hyundai should wait 2 years for the next redesign.

  3. Joshua Easton

    Also adding on to my comment, if Hyundai is redesigning this for 2023, why would they release the Kona N in early 2022? This doesn’t make any sense. I mean Hyundai and Kia do everything so quickly which I like. Something new every two years whereas Toyota waits every 5-15 years which is ridiculous.

  4. Delcy Voisine

    Pictures of new designs often fool the viewer. I hope that the new “catfish” or “mustachioed old man” grille will be junked before production begins. All one needs to see why such unpleasant grilles fail is to look at the 2020 Sonata, an utter sales debacle.


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