Kia to Sell NFTs for the First Time

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Kia EV6

Kia announced that it will sell six NFTs from its first collection ‘Kia EV NFT’, which were produced in-house at company’s Design Center using their electric vehicle line-up, from the March 26th to April 1st.

Under the brand slogan ‘Movement that inspires’, Kia prepared ‘Kia EV NFT’ to inspire and relax customers’ lives and provide new and meaningful experiences through innovative products and services and unique brand experiences.

The designers at Kia Design Center under the theme of ‘The Present and Future of Kia EV’ used the first model of the dedicated EV series that is well received in the global EV market, the EV6 to create its first NFT. It will be followed by a NFT of the flagship EV9 in concept form, which is scheduled to be added to the Kia EV lineup in 2023 ‘Concept EV9’. Also Kia’s representative eco-friendly SUV ‘Niro EV’, which will be released in the first half of this year, was created with digital art.

The works to be unveiled this time are <<Opposites United of EV6>, <Aesthetics of completion>, <<PORTAL> utilizing EV6, and <Autumn Allure (Autumn charm)> using the concept EV9. There are 6 works in total, including 2 types of Sustainable movement and 1 type of 《The PROCESS》 using the Niro EV.

Kia EV9

《Opposites United of EV6》 is a work that delivers the design concept of EV6 reflecting Kia’s design philosophy ‘Opposite United (creative fusion of opposing concepts)’ by connecting five independent images and delivering it in an omnibus format. The dynamic and sporty side of the EV6 is expressed with moving vertical lines, free brush strokes as if crushed, and rough pixels.

《Aesthetics of completion》 is a work that connects the initial sketch of the EV6 and the finished design into one work. accomplish

《PORTAL》 is a work that embodies the panoramic curved display of the EV6, focusing on the feeling of wonder when looking at a huge natural appearance or a building. The EV6’s curved display emphasizes that the vehicle and the user can communicate with each other.

“Autumn Allure (Autumn Charm)” is a work that highlights the characteristics of the Concept EV9 unveiled at the LA Auto Show last year. It symbolizes an eco-friendly bright future to bring.

Kia EV6 Design Sketch

《Sustainable movement》 is a modern and pop art expression of marine life and recycled materials such as waste fishing nets and plastics applied to the concept EV9, inspired by the color of the sea. It delivers an eco-friendly message for living beings suffering from polluted seas.

Lastly, 《The PROCESS》 is a work that sequentially shows the design stages from the initial sketch of the Niro EV to be released in the first half of this year to the final mass production car. Inspired by ‘Joy for Reason’, one of the attributes of Offergit United, the Niro EV’s color change is creatively expressed.

‘Kia EV NFT’ will be sold at a fixed price of 350 KLAY in NFT distribution service ‘Clip Drops’ operated by ‘Ground X’, a block chain affiliate of Kakao, for a total of 60 pieces of 10 each. Customers who wish to purchase can purchase clay from the virtual asset exchange and then send the clay to ‘Clip Drops’ to purchase the work they want.

In addition, NFT buyers (primary buyers) will be given the opportunity to try one of Kia’s electric vehicles on any date from May to December for 7 days and 6 nights.

A Kia official said, “Kia is transforming itself into a ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider’ with the goal of establishing a total of 14 electric vehicle lineups by 2027 and achieving sales of 1.2 million electric vehicles by 2030.” “We ask for your interest in NFT, which recorded today and tomorrow of Kia Electric Vehicles, and we will prepare various activities to create sustainable movements with customers in the future.”

Source – Kia

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