2021 Kia K7 Launched in South Korea

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While April is just around the corner, Kia Motors announced today that it will release the 2021 K7. What is this? Yes, it is just an updated version of the current K7 facelift that adds a new design radiator grille, applies electronic shifting levers as standard, and improves noise and vibration (NVH) to enhance comfort and driving performance.

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Despite the next-gen K7 (codenamed as GL3) will arrive early next year, premiering the new Kia logo as you already know, Kia decided to launch the 2021 K7 in order to keep it fresh for a few more months and added a ‘custom grille’ with a pattern shaped like the wing of an aircraft by repeatedly applying a pattern that resembles an aircraft wing based on its signature intaglio (engraved) radiator grille.

Two new exterior colors, Steel Gray and Interstellar Gray, were applied to enhance the sense of quality. In addition, customer-friendly features such as electronic parking brake (EPB), electronic shifting lever (SBW), paddle shift, and high-performance air cleaning filter are applied to gasoline and hybrid models as standard to enhance marketability.

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The 2021 K7 will experience improved driving comfort. It is equipped with a new Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist-Junction Turning (FCA-JT), which automatically assists in braking when a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle is detected when turning left at an intersection.

In addition, by expanding the range of voice-recognition vehicle control, the driver can open and close windows by voice, and turn the seat and steering wheel heating function and ventilation function on and off. Kia Motors also improved Noise-Vibration-Harshness (NVH) by increasing the thickness of the rear glass and the sound-absorbing area of ​​the driver’s wheel guards to enhance the comfortable ride and driving performance of the 2021 K7.

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