First Details on Next-Gen Hyundai Grandeur

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Hyundai Motor shared the first details of the next-gen Grandeur, to be codenamed as GN7. The plan is to restore the old fame of the flagship sedan, which was called a symbol of success during the first generation of the Grandeur, in order to upgrade its status from from semi-large to large sedan.

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According to the industry on the 25th, Hyundai Motor Company will release the 7th generation of its iconic sedan, with a complete change to be launched sometime in 2022. The body length is expected to exceed 5 meters for the first time in the Grandeur history.

Through this, it is a plan to regain the position of the luxury large-scale Hyundai Sedan that was given to Dynasty, former Genesis, and Aslan. Hyundai separated Genesis as a luxury brand, and Grandeur, a semi-large sedan, takes on the flagship role. However, the gap between the car class and price between the Granger and the Genesis G80 widened, causing demand to divert to imported brands.

In 2014, Hyundai Motor Company introduced the top car class Aslan based on the Grandeur as a flagship, but failed to differentiate, and in 2018, eventually was discontinuated.

First generation Hyundai Grandeur (codenamed as “L”)

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Accordingly, it is known that Hyundai Motor Company has decided to redefine the sedan, which has built an unrivaled name value through a solid portfolio for the past 35 years, and upgrade it to a flagship sedan. This is because Grandeur is highly likely to be recognized as a flagship by consumers as it has been recognized as a Hyundai luxury car during the 1st and 2nd generations.

At the group level, the strategy is to complete a line-up in which the Sonata and Kia K5 closely defend the mid-sized sedan, the Kia K8 is the semi-large, and the Hyundai Grandeur and Kia K9 closely defend the large market. In the process, there are also observations that a semi-large sedan could be added to respond to the Kia K8 under the Grandeur.

An official in the auto industry said, “The 7th generation Grandeur is expected to be upgraded as a flagship sedan for Hyundai Motor.”

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