Kia Korea Unveils New “Kia Store” Design Standards

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Kia Korea unveiled yesterday its new store design standard or ‘Kia Store’, which reflects the new brand strategy. The new brand image will be applied worldwide step by step.

Earlier this year, through a showcase, Kia revealed a new brand orientation to inspire customers through products, services and unique brand experiences, as well as specific future strategies to provide sustainable mobility solutions.

Kia has established a design standard by reflecting the new brand strategy of providing inspiration and relaxation to customers’ lives through innovative products and services at the customer contact point called ‘space’.

Through this design standard, Kia aimed to create an experience space that can provide customers with a real experience that cannot be felt online, based on a new brand philosophy.

Kia expects that it will become a space where customers who visit the new sales base can communicate with the Kia brand through various brand experiences as well as products. First of all, Kia renamed the sales exhibition space previously called ‘showroom’ and ‘exhibition hall’ as ‘Kia Store’.

‘Kia Store’ is Kia’s new space brand. In the era of electrification, Kia plans to configure ‘Kia Store’ as an innovative customer experience space to provide personalized customer service and experience various mobility.

The ‘Kia Store’ was created as a new space that inspires customers by applying Kia’s new design philosophy ‘Opposites United’ (creative fusion of opposing concepts).

‘Opport United’ is a design inspired by Mother Nature and a synergy created by combining contrasting concepts. By combining contrasting shapes, compositions, and colors, it creates a future-oriented design that did not exist before. It means to do

Kia implemented the ‘Opport United’ by creating the ‘Kia Store’ with ▲Exhibition zone and ▲Customer zone, and creating a contrasting feeling.

▲Exhibition Zone, a space where you can actually touch Kia’s products, is composed of a futuristic feel using achromatic colors. did.

▲Customer Zone, where customers can relax and experience Kia’s brand, was created as a warm space with a minimalistic and natural sensibility using wood tones.

In addition, Kia placed lighting in the form of a ‘Loop’ that crosses the two spaces to express synergy through the contrast between the two spaces of the ‘Kia Store’.

The red colored ‘roof lighting’ expresses the energy that connects and converges the different spaces of the customer zone and the exhibition zone. Inside the ‘Kia Store’, unique elements that can express the individuality of the Kia brand are placed everywhere.

In particular, considering the material of the parts that customers can directly touch and touch, furniture and sofas are made of softer and more weaving materials.

In addition, a premium lounge where you can look at the vehicle in the exhibition zone and a multi-purpose bar table where you can freely find information about the vehicle are provided so that visitors can view the vehicle more comfortably, and outside customers can visit without any burden. Created as a space that can be

Through this configuration, Kia expects that the ‘Kia Store’ will be able to create a new vehicle purchasing experience as a hub for customers, not just a car store.

In February of this year, Kia Korea applied the pilot-type ‘Kia Store’ to the Dongtan Station branch and started a pilot operation for about four months. In addition, the Kia Korea brand experience space ‘Kia 360 (formerly Beat 360)’, where design standards are applied, will be introduced in the third quarter of this year as well as sales bases.

Arthur Martins, Executive Vice President of Kia Customer Experience Division, said, “We developed this design standard to improve the inconvenience that customers felt when visiting an existing car store and to create a space where customers and brands communicate. We will strive to provide customers with a meaningful and convenient experience from the purchase process.”

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