2022 Kia K5 Launched in South Korea

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Kia launched the K5 model year change model ‘The 2022 Kia K5’ today. The 2022 K5 has secured attractive product competitiveness by applying the new Kia emblem and standardizing various specifications usually preferred by customers while minimizing the price increase.

The 2022 K5 has enhanced its attractiveness by setting a reasonable price while strengthening its commercial properties by adding some specifications as standard compared to the previous model, but the design remains unchanged.

Despite the Hybrid model, which now Kia has tried to differentiate a little bit by changing the existing horizontal pattern tiger nose radiator grille to a shark tooth pattern. It inherits the existing shark skin grille design concept, but it is characterized by a more daring and sophisticated refinement to enhance the sense of luxury. In addition, the grille material also has a strong impression by applying black high-gloss paint.

Then talking about the trims, Kia has reinforced the base and medium trims, “Trendy” and “Prestige”, with a series of convenience features that were not present in the existing trim were applied as standard. The Trendy trim now has a leather/heated steering wheel, and the Prestige standardizes the front parking distance warning specification.

In addition, the highest trims “Noblesse” and “Signature” have improved the convenience by applying the smartphone wireless charging function, which was previously an option, now an standard.

Meanwhile, Kia’s representative mid-size sedan, the K5, has been steadily loved by customers based on its excellent product quality and price competitiveness. A total of 112,581 units were sold excluding commercial use in the 18 months from the release of the 3rd generation model in December 2019 to May last year, and 79,072 units were sold last year, achieving No. 1 in sales in the midsize sedan sector.

A Kia official said, “The 2022 K5 is expected to provide greater satisfaction to customers as its product quality has been strengthened by actively reflecting customers’ opinions and preferences. We will continue to lead the market by doing this.”

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