Hyundai Reveals First Interior Images of Casper

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Hyundai Motor Company will unveil the main specifications, interior design, and price of Casper, which is scheduled to be released on the 29th (Wednesday) of this month, and start online early bird reservations (pre-contract) from the 14th (Tuesday).

Casper is a new car class ‘entry SUV’ introduced for the first time by Hyundai Motors. ▲ Individual interior and exterior design and color ▲ Seats with adjustable interior space according to use ▲ Advanced driver assistance system and standard front center side airbags for safety Securing ▲ It is characterized by driver-oriented convenience specifications.

Early bird reservations are made on the website ‘Casper Online ( )’ rather than the existing sales network , and full-scale D2C (Direct to Consumer)* sales will be held on the 29th (Wednesday) of Digital Premier (CASPER). Premiere).

This Casper online sale is significant in that it is the first domestic car brand to introduce the D2C method by reflecting the untact and digital trend that has accelerated since Corona 19.

Hyundai Motor Company plans to provide an optimal online purchasing system and various information providing channels so that customers can easily and quickly search for information and purchase vehicles without time and place restrictions.

■ Iconic entry SUV with bold exterior, excellent spatiality, and vibrant colors

Casper has an iconic interior and exterior design.

Casper’s exterior design captures the youthful and dynamic sensibility of entry-level SUVs based on dignifiedness and robustness.

Hyundai Motor Company applied a unique detachable headlamp to the front of the hard and stout body, revealing Casper’s unique strong presence.

In addition, the parametric pattern front grille and rear rear lamp add a futuristic feel, and the active model (turbo model) has a circular intercooler intake, mesh-type grille, and sporty design skid plate to complete a dynamic image.

Casper’s interior creates a soft and comfortable atmosphere that contrasts with the dynamic appearance of the exterior by actively utilizing curves throughout the space while sharing the capsule-shaped formative elements with the exterior design.

Hyundai Motor Company realized the best feeling of openness by applying a slim and concise layout, and enhanced ease of use with various storage spaces such as a USB charging module and an open tray in front of the passenger seat.

In addition, the center console was removed and the gear knob was mounted on the dashboard to enhance openness. Here, a bench-type seat was applied so that it could move freely between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat.

In addition, the contrast of vivid colors was added to maximize the visual pleasure.

In the case of the first row seats, two-tone color was applied and detailed elements such as zipper-type stitching were added to the rear edge of the seat to clearly reveal the individuality of the vehicle. The purple monochromatic interior mood lamp applied to the modern trim and the hound’s tooth pattern applied to the ceiling are characteristic interior design elements that contain Casper’s unique sensibility.

The exterior is a total of six types, including ▲Tomboy Khaki ▲Soultronic Orange Pearl ▲Atlas White ▲Titan Gray Metallic ▲Intense Blue Pearl ▲Unbleached Ivory, developed by Hyundai for Casper, and the interior is ▲Black (fabric sheet/melange gray) Seat cover) ▲Black (artificial leather seat) ▲Light gray/blue (artificial leather seat/lemon point) ▲Dark gray/light khaki (artificial leather seat/orange point) You can choose from a total of 4 types.

Simon Loasby, managing director of Hyundai Styling, said, “The Casper is a car that embodies the challenging spirit and young energy of Koreans. said

■ Seat usability that transforms the existing paradigm for spatiality

Casper boasts high space utilization by applying folding (folding the backrest forward), sliding (moving the seat forward/backward), and reclining (tilting the backrest forward/backward) to all seats in the first and second rows. .

Hyundai Motor Company has expanded the usability of interior space by applying a full-folding seat in which the driver’s seat is completely folded for the first time in the world.

The second row seats can be moved forward and backward up to 160mm and can be reclined up to 39 degrees, so even rear passengers can enjoy a comfortable rest.In addition, as each seat can be fully folded, 301L of loading space can be secured when the rear seats are sliding forward, and a maximum of 2,059mm of interior length can be secured when the first and second rows are fully folded. Passengers can not only load various sizes of goods, but also utilize the space that suits their personal tastes and situations, such as leisure and outdoor activities.

■ Advanced safety technology and standard application of center side airbags for front seats ensure customer safety

Casper is equipped with advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and 7 airbags, including center side airbags for front seats, as standard, and secures a high-rigidity and lightweight body structure to ensure safety beyond the class.

Hyundai Motor Company introduced intelligent safety technology in all trims of Casper such as ▲ Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (Vehicle/Pedestrian/Bicyclist) ▲ Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) ▲ Lane Keeping Assist (LFA) ▲ Driver Attention Warning (DAW) ▲ High Beam Assist (HBA) ) ▲ The safety and convenience of the class were secured for the first time in the light model by default, such as the departure notification of the vehicle ahead.

From the modern trim, you can additionally select and apply Hyundai SmartSense, which includes ▲front collision-avoidance assist (crossroads facing vehicle), rear cross-collision-avoidance assist, rear cross-collision avoidance assist, and smart cruise control.

In addition, side airbags are basically applied to the center of the front seat to minimize injuries caused by collisions between the driver and front passenger and internal parts in the event of a side collision.

In addition, hot stamping, a lightweight construction method, is intensively applied to major parts to minimize body deformation in the event of a collision, and to secure safety by increasing torsional rigidity and average tensile strength by realizing a high rigidity and lightweight body.

■ Provides a comfortable driving environment by adding a rough road driving mode to the turbo model and applying convenience specifications

Casper has not only comfortable and stable driving performance, but also excellent marketability with driver-centered convenience specifications such as Hyundai CarPay and server-based voice recognition vehicle control.

Hyundai operates Casper with a gasoline 1.0 engine, and turbo models equipped with a gasoline 1.0 turbo engine operate as an optional ‘Casper Active’ option.

The gasoline 1.0 has a maximum output of 76PS (horsepower), a maximum torque of 9.7kgf m, and a combined fuel efficiency of 14.3km/ℓ. .

Starting with the modern trim, the 2WD rough road driving mode that integrates control of driving force, engine torque, and braking according to driving conditions and road conditions such as snowy, muddy, and sandy roads is standard, enabling stable driving on various road surfaces.

Hyundai Motor Company has improved driver convenience by operating cutting-edge infotainment features such as ▲Hyundai CarPay, a simple in-vehicle payment service, and ▲Server-based voice recognition vehicle control that operates air conditioning with natural language-based voice while keeping an eye on the front.

The selling price of Casper is the basic model ▲ Smart 13.85 million won ▲ Modern 15.9 million won ▲ Inspiration 18.7 million won.

Customers can experience Casper’s merchandising at a reasonable price as various safety and convenience features such as smart entry trim, intelligent safety technology, front seat center side airbag, 4.2-inch color LCD cluster, and lock folding are applied as standard.

The optional ‘Casper Active’ consisting of a 1.0 turbo engine and a dynamic dedicated exterior design is available in all trims. The price is ▲Smart/Modern 950,000 Won ▲ Inspiration 900,000 Won will be added.

If Casper Active is applied to the Inspiration trim, an optional ‘Active Plus’ consisting of exclusive wheels and a rear spoiler can be added, creating a more agile design.

■ Online sales and marketing reflecting non-face-to-face consumption trends, and early bird reservations started

Casper can only be purchased through online channels.

Early bird reservations will be made through Casper Online ( ) from today .

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