More Details on Next-gen Hyundai Sonata DN9

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We already have talked about Hyundai’s 8th generation Sonata sales situation. Called as National car not that long ago, the latest Sonata generation is still suffering the indifference of customers despite Model Year launches and other improvements. A report said Hyundai will skip the facelift and will launch a new generation in 2023 and now we got the the confirmation, it’s internally called DN9.

What we know so far?

The 8th generation Sonata (DN8) is suffering of sluggish sales. So much that Hyundai already closed the Asan Plant line where it’s build two times this year. While the Grandeur is selling like hot cakes (also built in Asan) the Sonata already losed its throne for the first time since its launch.

The Grandeur is having its best moment, surpassing 10,000 units in a monthly basis, as well as named as ‘Best Selling Car’, Hyundai’s luxuriest sedan has accounted a total of 136,384 units from 386,095 units from January to June 2021.

Hyundai launched an updated 2021 Model Year in April, characterized by an expanded application of the design of the existing Sonata Sensuous 1.6 Turbo (Sonata Sport) to the regular gasoline 2.0 model (they killed the fishy face). Depite this changes, the Sonata has not managed to overcome.

In the list, you can see models that are already released like PDeN PE (PD is i30, “e” is Europe, “N” is from N brand and “PE” means Product Enhancement) or IK F/L SB which is the G70 Shooting Brake, but there are models like the GN7 (New Grandeur), SU2i which is the Venue for the indian market or even the Elantra facelift or CN7 PE is already listed.

On the other hand, the model has been struggling and suffering of sluggish sales recording only 4,053 units in June as well as a 31% decrease compared to the last year. The Sonata is undergo the success of both Grandeur and Kia K5 (who sold almost double in June) who have surpassed Sonata for the first time ever.

Inside Hyundai, the DN8 (internal codename) was admitted as a failed model, so then the company decided to skip a mid-cycle facelift in favor of a full change model that will arrive in 2023. Unlike first informations that said Hyundai will kill the Sonata and place IONIQ 6 instead both models will coexist.

So that is why Hyundai decided to apply the same plan that worked for the Grandeur, instead of a facelift, launch a full change model but based in the same platform and a completely new design. This vehicle has already a codename “DN9”. And as you can see in the picture at the top, that DN9a means the North American version.

Rendering: NYMammoth

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