Kia to Launch its Own Full Digital Cluster

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kia full digital cluster (2)

Thanks to our friends at, who recently attended All-new Kia Ceed European Test Drive event, we noticed that Kia has displayed a new element that will be available on almost its full range of models in the coming years.

At the time of Stinger’s launch, some of you were dissapointed that did not come with a fully digital cluster at least on the top of the range model, but looks like Kia preferred to save this new feature for its Full-size luxury model, the K900, that looks more advanced to what we can see on this presentation (compared with K900 features).

The K900 was the first Hyundai-Kia model to have a full digital cockpit that we have seen in lot of german luxury cars from 1 year ago to know, that they’re making available for at least on its full range (now B-segment models like Seat Ibiza or VW Polo could include it).


At Ceed’s presentation Kia announced that will bring, during Ceed’s commercial life cycle, the digital cluster. I’m sure that we will see this on the Ceed GT that will arrive in 2019.

Is expected that future Kia models will add this feature, like the next-gen Sorento, facelifted Stinger, or even the third generation Soul.

Written by Jose Antonio López

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