Hyundai MR Couldn’t Look Any More Sexier

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Two days ago we share with you a picture of a car spotted in South Korea that were like a Veloster N, but had the “MR23T” letterhead on the side and back of the car together with “N” badge and side air intakes, as well as first details of this Mid engine project. Today we want to share with you this render of how this midship car may look.

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What we know so far?

In a concept form, the Hyundai Midship was developed using a Veloster Turbo as a base but with only three doors. In 2012, Hyundai embarked on a project called RM (Racing Midship) to develop and connect new high-performance motorsports technologies with future N models.

Since the initiation of project RM and via evolution of the RM series (RM14, RM15 and RM16), RM models underwent extensive road testing to validate newly-developed technologies, observe their effects on performance, and improve them for subsequent application on future N models.

The latest iteraction of this RM models were the RM19, a second-gen Veloster that Hyundai presented at Los Angeles Auto Show on November 2019. “The RM platform is a versatile engineering testbed, allowing effective evaluation of various powertrains and performance levels, all on normal roads and environments,” said Albert Biermann, head of global research and development for Hyundai Motor Company.

“Throughout the evolution of the RM series, our engineers have gained tremendous hands-on knowledge of high performance vehicle dynamics with various front-to-rear weight distributions coupled with the effects of a fully-weighted, high-strength body structure on vehicle performance.” he added.

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We have asked our sources in order to get an answer of what this spotted car could be, and we have received some interesting information like that this car has a 2.3 Turbo GDi engine with unknown power, but is also has an electric motor that will give an extra 80 hp to the total power, and then we noticed what Hyundai said at the RM19 press release.

“In addition to the gasoline version, state-of-the-art electrified powertrains could provide clean, yet thrilling propulsion for the RM19. As Hyundai boasts an industry-leading variety of electrified propulsion, including production HEV, PHEV, BEV and FCEV powertrains, various types of electrified powertrains are available for testing a high-performance electric sports car.”

Also our sources said that the MR23T is closer to production than ever and could turn into a bespoke N-performance brand halo car, but they’re pretty clear, and said the final design will be totally different, nothing related to Veloster. As soon as we get more details, we’ll be sure to keep you guys posted. Let us know what you think about this Hyundai MR car.

Written by Erick Uceda

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  1. Archknight77

    That is sexy, but Hyundai needs to give the upper tier N models some premium touches on the interior as well. They also need another model in between this (AWD or FR with AWD option–likely left to KIA and Genesis) first before they introduce an all powerful halo model. Mr. Biermann did hint at a “very crazy” sports car coming this year, possibly a concept. It would be great if N was allowed to build a production version of the HND-9 concept, I’d jump at that.

  2. Kevin Higginson

    As far as the 3 brands go, I think that Hyundai may target the Audi audience, technological and sharp looks. Genesis will take on the classic look aiming at Mercedes.
    KIA will be the sporting brand, maybe more youthful.

  3. WDK

    It’s 100% speculation at this point. There’s no spy shot of any production body panel.
    I expect it to be shorter and less supercar-like considering it fits into the Veloster Mule. Mid engine does not always mean lamborghini or ferrari proportion. It can be something that looks more like A110 or S660 even.

  4. vbondjr1

    Again, another car that has no point. A lot of money dumped into a car a very small percentage of people will buy.

  5. Amiskka

    That design looks dated, it looks like any other super car that attempts to look exotic but fails to (C8, NSX, R8, etc).

    Hyundai should design their car based off the “45 Concept” but fits it into a body size of the “Prophecy Concept”, a unique design without it looking like a exotic wannabe.

    However, if they wanted exotic, then just make a mid-engine version of the Genesis Essentia.


  6. Denis Rousseau

    Hyundai NSX ???

  7. Will Yang

    yes yes yes


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