Hyundai Could Revive Aslan Nameplate for its Flagship Sedan

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We are not sure how many of you guys remember Hyundai Aslan, a premium FWD sedan that Hyundai Motor Group released back in 2014. Now and thanks to our industry sources, who also were right about the retro-inspired 7th gen Grandeur, we have known that Hyundai plans to launch a flagship sedan.

Killed after only four years in the market and after just one generation, the Aslan (which means Lion in Turkish) was a luxury model launched take the place of the Dinasty, former Hyundai flagship.

At that time Hyundai Motor official said, “We came to a conclusion to name the new car Aslan as it connotes charisma and strength. The Aslan is bigger than the Grandeur but smaller than the Genesis. As it shares the platform with the Grandeur, its height and width are identical to those of the Grandeur. The length of 4.96 meters is about 5 centimeters longer than the Grandeur but 3 centimeters shorter than the Genesis.”

The Dinasty, a model that Hyundai wants to raise.

The engines available were the 3.0 and 3.3-liter V6 GDi from the Lambda family, bigger compared to the Grandeur of the time.

So now, with Genesis positioned as a separated luxury brand and with a long wheelbase Grandeur discarded, looks like Hyundai will launch a flagship sedan, but it’s the Aslan nameplate the correct one?

Hyundai expected to sell 22,000 Aslans by the end of the 2015, selling 1,800 units monthly, but never surpassed 1,000 units. They tried everything but failed and finally discontinued even without giving a new opportunity like with a facelift model.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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