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Hyundai Veloster Mule spotted



The Hyundai Veloster brought the first three door configuration for the Korean automaker which was one of the biggest selling points for the younger crowd but lately the model has been struggling and currently its been discontinued in different markets but it seems Hyundai still have to offer out of this model.

The Veloster started well but it’s noticeable how year by year the sales has been decreasing, in the year 2014 the Veloster sold 27,598 units and by the end of year 2015 the Veloster only sold 24,245. Now last month itself, the Veloster only sold 1,700 units compare to last year it sold 2,065 units. We could slightly blame the shift of customers needs for SUV but not really.

The car enthusiasts have a lot demands for the new Veloster and Hyundai better be listening to keep Veloster afloat.

What we are seeing here is the Veloster Mule, where they start adding new parts from the next generation to the current one and do some internal test, just like what they did with the Kia CK/GT. A lot of parts in this veloster seems very off, like they were not placed correctly so lets talk about those things that stands out.

The headlights are definitely off, sticking out horribly a long with the front bumper but it’s for a reason(hopefully a good one) because we can see the hood and the fender has a cut across them adding couple more inches of metal, making the wheel base longer hopefully for a new surprise under the hood.

On the side everything looks exactly the same with no alterations on both sides.

Now on the back, well the bumper matches with the body line as well as the taillights and the hatchback. One thing we do notice is the exhaust pipes, they are no longer on the center, even tho the exhaust tips still there, but on the sides coming from a very big mufflee and still with dual exhaust configuration.

We are expecting the new veloster should arrive by the year 2018 so we still have more time before we get to see the final product. Now that leaves us with some questions .

The front now has more room for a bigger engine but still probably a front wheel drive, which engine would you desire to be under the hood?

On the back, the exhaust it’s too big making it difficult to see if it’s still has the torsion beam or the new independent suspension like the Elantra Sport. Does it matter for you if the Veloster has or not independent suspension?

What is the one thing you are needing in the veloster that will sell it off for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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