KIA EV4 Concept is Tesla’s Model 3 Rival

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The Concept EV4 represents the purity of the ‘Power to Progress’ pillar of the ‘Opposites Untied’ design philosophy. ‘Power to Progress’ focuses on the skills, expertise and creativity developed during Kia’s recent era of design-led transformation. This approach fuels the creation of innovative products that transcend the establishment of new standards for individual vehicle design to redefine entire sectors. Such is the case with the Kia Concept EV4.

Its four-door format might suggest it should be categorised as a saloon. However, the model’s potent and impactful lines represent not just another saloon, but an entirely new type of EV saloon that stands as a symbol of innovation.

Inspired by the ‘Power to Progress’ and manifested through a harmonious fusion of confident, geometric diagonal character lines and rich yet technical surfaces, the Concept EV4 represents a new value, approach, customer experience, and typology. Aspects such as the evocative sleek low nose, the elongated, dynamic long-tail silhouette, and the technical roof spoiler, all attributes reminiscent of sports and racing cars, affirm the EV4’s status as an entirely new type of EV saloon.

An aggressive facial impression complements the Concept EV4’s progressive, technological silhouette. Featuring a wide, imposing stance, with headlamps located vertically at the extreme outer edges of the hood and front bumper, the model further symbolises the brand’s determination to push boundaries and accelerate the EV Revolution.

The interior features a sleek and spacious horizontal layout, incorporating stylish design elements that prioritise the driver’s experience without obstructing their view.

To achieve this, Kia designers have placed an air conditioning control panel that can be neatly stored in the centre console when not in use and applied pin-style air vents that offer the flexibility to change patterns, among other refinements to the interior design.

The cocoon-like ambience of the cabin enables the driver to engage with the vehicle in a new and unobtrusive way. Presented via twin digital screens, a slimmed-down instrument panel delivers subtle levels of driver orientation, helping clear the mind from distractions and prepare for upcoming tasks.

The Concept EV4 comes with a new ‘Mind Modes’ feature that adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns. In ‘Perform’ mode, the driver is presented with all the information they require to perform at their optimum and get the most out of their day. In contrast, ‘Serenity’ mode offers a range of digital graphics to create a more relaxed ambience for reflection and restoration.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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