KIA EV9, Genesis G90 Autonomous Level 3 Models Delayed

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Amidst high expectations for cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, Kia’s plan to unveil its EV9 GT line with Level 3 autonomous driving features, capable of highway driving without driver intervention, has been delayed. The decision, echoing Hyundai Motor’s similar postponement of the same integration in the Genesis G90, stems from the complexity of real-world driving scenarios that surpass initial projections.

The focal technology, HDP-Highway Driving Pilot (HDP), designed to empower the EV9 to reach speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour without driver involvement on highways, faces inherent challenges. Hyundai Motor’s representative revealed that real-world driving variables demand further technological refinement to meet market expectations.

Despite advancements, achieving full autonomous driving beyond Level 3 remains a formidable task. Technical barriers, notably prevalent during nighttime driving with reduced visibility, pose significant hurdles. Instances in San Francisco involving 24-hour driverless taxi cabs saw frequent nighttime accidents, leading the state government to suspend autonomous taxi operations due to safety concerns.

General Motors (GM), invested in Cruise Robotaxi, recently curtailed self-driving technology development. A budget cut and employee layoffs suggest a shift in GM’s long-term strategy for self-driving vehicles.

genesis g90 autonomous level 3 - 2

Genesis G90 HDP3 Prototype pictured by GGoma Studio

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Version 12 of Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, reportedly capable of Level 3 autonomous driving, has been released for employee testing. Anticipated official FSD launch could mark a pivotal moment in autonomous driving technology.

Experts highlight the imperative need for a social consensus on autonomous vehicles. Concerns surrounding liability in fatal accidents involving autonomous cars demand a coherent legal framework and societal agreement.

As carmakers navigate technological obstacles and regulatory challenges, achieving safe and reliable system driving technology necessitates a holistic approach, encompassing technical advancements, regulatory frameworks, and a societal consensus to ensure seamless integration and acceptance of these groundbreaking innovations.

EV9 HDP3 prototype captured by ShortsCar

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