Introducing the Enhanced Hyundai Tucson & Tucson N-Line

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hyundai tucson n line

Hyundai has unleashed its highly anticipated representative midsize SUV, the ‘New Tucson,’ significantly reinforcing its product competitiveness. After three years since its debut in September 2020, the New Tucson emerges as a refreshed variant, boasting refined design and a diverse range of convenience features, ensuring it meets the expectations of customers in the domestic midsize SUV market.

The latest iteration of the Tucson embodies a robust and dynamic exterior design, complemented by interior sophistication and practicality. Hyundai has focused on implementing robust exterior elements while emphasizing a sporty image through the N Line model.

Moreover, advanced driving technologies have been incorporated to enhance driving experiences, increasing driving comfort while improving overall collision safety performance through the addition of second-row side airbags and chassis reinforcement.

The New Tucson’s pricing ranges between 27.71 million to 34.39 million Korean won (US $21,059 to US $26,136) for the gasoline 1.6 turbo model, 30.13 million to 36.81 million won (US $22,898 to US $27,975) for the diesel 2.0 model, and 32.13 million to 38.58 million won (US $24,418 to US $29,320) for the 1.6 turbo hybrid model (after hybrid model tax benefits).

hyundai Tucson n line

Enhanced Exterior and Transformed Interior

The New Tucson continues the theme of ‘Parametric Dynamics,’ elevating its appearance to a more rugged and expansive stance. The front fascia, characterized by angular lines and the parametric jewel hidden lamps, exudes a strong impression, while the rear bumper molding and unified skid plate contribute to a wider appearance.

Inside, the panoramic curved display and floating console, emphasizing horizontality, offer ample space and practicality, reaching a new level of sophistication. The integration of a 12.3-inch cluster and infotainment system provides a luxurious feel, powered by the next-gen ‘ccNC’ infotainment system, offering wireless software updates and BlueLink streaming services.

Enhanced Driving Sensations and Reinforced Safety

The New Tucson enhances the driving experience through advanced driving technologies such as Auto Terrain Mode, improving driving stability during high-speed winds, and adopting noise reduction measures for a serene driving experience.

For the hybrid model, the ‘E-Motion Drive’ system, utilizing the drive motor, elevates both driving performance and passenger comfort.

hyundai tucson n line 2

Diverse Infotainment and Convenience Features for Enhanced Competitiveness

Hyundai has equipped the New Tucson with a wide array of infotainment and convenience features, ensuring its product competitiveness. The vehicle supports over-the-air software updates and incorporates services like Bluelink streaming. Additionally, advanced infotainment specifications include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, e hi-pass for toll payments, digital key 2, and an interior fingerprint authentication system, enhancing convenience beyond its class.

Furthermore, the SUV boasts customer-preferred specifications like Advanced Rear Occupant Alert, HUD, Built-in Cam 2, Power Tailgate, Outside Mirrors, and Driver’s Seat Memory System, ensuring a level of convenience that surpasses expectations.

The New Tucson marks a significant leap in Hyundai’s SUV lineup, redefining excellence in the midsize SUV segment. With its enhanced design, advanced technologies, and customer-focused features, the New Tucson stands as a remarkable choice for SUV enthusiasts.

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