Exclusive: Hyundai Veloster Facelift Details

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Recently we heard some rumors regarding some of the many changes the Hyundai Veloster facelift will receive.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]For a rumor, we feel this info is really accurate in either one or more points we mention below, to start with we were giving February 2015 for beginning production (the car will debut during the 2015 Detroit AutoShow or 2015 Chicago AutoShow).

Now here it comes the most details information of this rumor:

  • Turbo model will receive a new colour trim for interior and orange trim would be one of those.
  • Front bumper grill will have a silver trim instead of the body color. For this we are thinking they are refering to the 2.0 Fluidic Design grill.
  • Turbo will have a new 7 speed DCT transmission. This transmission was initially shown at the 2014 Paris autoshow married with the Gamma 1.4-litre T-GDI, engine given to the concept model i30 CNG.
  • Improvement on driving comfort, NVH and Ride & Handling as well. We will also find the now common “Flex Steer” on the Veloster.
  • Tires specs will change, we now find a slightly wider 225/40R.
  • HID headlamps will be included.
  • Interestingly, the hood garnish will now be deleted. I’m sure a lot of people will be glad and others mad they didnt make it functional.
  • Sporty buckets seats will be for Turbo model.

This is the most current information we have so far for the facelift Veloster, we know the Veloster didn’t do so well in other countries and for some the Veloster has disappear, hopefully this new changes will raise the Veloster sales and bring it back to the other markets in the year 2017, with the second generation model.

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