The Kia GT is Currently Under Development

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Each passing day, the Kia GT Concept in production form is closer than ever. Today company’s vice president of overseas marketing Soon Nam-Lee confirmed the model is starting under development.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Speaking to our friends from CarAdvice Australia at Kia Motors Corporation headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Kia’s vice president of overseas marketing, Soon-Nam Lee, acknowledged the company’s research and development division has been given the development task already.

“On the marketing side we’ve requested to develop the GT concept to our R&D center; we are discussing at this moment.” Lee said.

“For the 2018 Kia Vision, we need to consolidate our luxury image in the US market. The GT concept will be very important role for the Kia vision.” he added. 

Lee declined to talk about specification list, but said the company this need to consolidate their premium image in the U.S-market. The biggest issue now? Kia currently not having the required drivetrain to make the its GT a reality, that’s why the R&D Center is working and performing the development of the 3.3 Turbo GDi and V6 engine.

“To achieve and realise the GT we need a more powerful engine so we are discussing with R&D side,” said Lee. 

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  1. Darius Davis

    Not having the required powertrain? Kia/Hyundai has many engines that can be utilized besides the 3.3 T-GDI V6 which I actually thought was an engine that will be going into the new Genesis sedan.

    The 2.0T in the Sonata should be able to be fitted to this RWD GT with a bit more power and the 3.8 V6 from the Genesis can also be used albeit with slightly more power like the Genesis Coupe.

    Speaking of competing what class of RWD performance vehicles is this supposed to be competing with? It looks slightly larger than an Audi A4 and BMW 3-series but I have seen where this is close in size to the Kia K900.

    Is there anyone who can provide some sort of feedback?

    • Jose Antonio López

      This GT is scheduled to be an Audi A7/Mercedes CLS rival, so i think they want to fit the V6 Turbo delivering 395hp. The thing is, the engine is developed but according to korean sources, the status is “not ready” for production. I think this GT will be more sporty driving than a K900. But the car is under first stage development at the R&D Centre, no test mules on the road

    • Luke Nimrod

      There have been a few discussions on about the GT. I suspect it will be competing with the new FRS and BRZ.
      Although you would like to believe that this is Kia’s answer to its sister’s Hyundai Genesis coupe.

      • LePapirrikY

        Luke you are probably thinking of the GT4 stinger, which is the competition for the frs and brz.

        • Luke Nimrod

          Ah, your right. That’s what I was thinking of… The GT4 Stinger.

          • Jose Antonio López

            Yeah, I think that at first needs to be the GT sedan, and if it works, they will launch a GT4 stinger.

  2. Dave

    I’d like to see this All Wheel Drive!



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