2016 Kia Optima to Debut in April 1st


Following its debut at the New York International Auto Show in 2010, the Kia Optima became a catalyst for the brand’s tremendous growth and has been the company’s best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for three years running.

Now, five years later, Kia will return to New York on Wednesday, April 1 for the world debut of a passionately designed and obsessively crafted all-new 2016 Kia Optima version of its popular midsize sedan.


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  • Jimbo

    Nice. Looks very similar to Sportspace concept. Here’s a comparison I made when first photo of Sportspace was published:


  • Kialover

    Awesome design. Its so beautiful , im speechless more than ever.
    I wish that the current Sorento would have got such a fine grille. The new Sorentos grill and the KIA emblem are too big that it destroys the beauty of the nice front as i had to realize at the KIA dealer. I hope that KIA will use the new 2016 Optimas new grille for all upcoming models and facelifts.

    KIA is on the right path. Go on KIA.

    KIA forever.

    • Galaxium

      KIA won’t. The three-dimensional tiger-nose grille are for the SUVs of the segment. It looks nice.

      • Kialover

        Yes OK but it is oversized though.If you regard the beautiful headlights and the rest of the Sorento the big grille doesnt fit to it.At least the grilles design. The same with the new Sonato. It is really a pity because the rest is top. And as for the interior KIA must cover the inner door frames with plastic so that one shouldt see the cars color inside the cars. At least from the C segment on. In my opinion KIA should consider these two points to finally achieve perfect position. The rest of the development is awesome.

        KIA forever

        • bd

          Personally don’t think it’s over-sized as it gives the Sorento a more masculine, truck-ish look.

          • Kialover

            I understand but a finer grille as one can see at the Kia Cross GT concept would have been perfect.Plus the coverage of the inner door frames with plastic . And i dont understand why the new Sorento has got waves on the roof over the windshield. If KIA would change these points with the new Sorentos facelift the Sorento would be more attractive and flawless.

            KIA forever.

  • Phil

    I really wished Hyundai/Kia, hadn’t dropped the V6’s and made them direct injection. What’s a sporty looking car without the power to back it. It’s kind of like the Veloster pre-turbo. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sonata’s toned down turbo 4 ends up in this. The car looks good though, hopefully translates well in reality.

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  • Kialover

    I was again at the KIA dealer and i must admit the grille doesnt look that bad at the second sight. This time there was much more light on the grille so that one could see everything clearer. Nevertheless the Concept Cross GTs grille for all big KIA cars would be fit better because its finer and the KIA emblem is on the bonnet. And as for the rest, KIA should definitely change the two other mentioned points with the next facelift.

    KIA forever.

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