Hyundai Veloster Mysterious Test Mule


Well, so today we just received this spy pictures from South Korea where a mysterios Hyundai Veloster test mule was spotted out there in the wild.

Looking at the pictures, this Hyundai Veloster showed a patched front end while the headlighs exceed the hood and the front bumper and grille are different from the rest of the car, painted as well in a different colour.

We managed to saw a picture of the rear end, but at this time is without changes. Only the front end present changes.

What new things will this car bring to the market? Maybe they are testing a new engine just like they are doing with the Genesis Coupe? Or a new sporty compact car? The next generation Veloster?. A bigger engine for the Hyundai Veloster?

Stay tuned for more details soon! Place your bets!



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